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Small Business News | $100 million in grants, Square outage, and Intuit’s AI-powered assistant

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Goldman Sachs will provide $100 million to fund, educate and support rural small business owners across the U.S.
Image Source: Andrew Kelly | Reuters

Goldman Sachs commits $100 million for rural small business owners
Goldman Sachs has committed $100 million to help rural small business owners raise capital and grow their enterprises. The banking firm’s 10,000 Small Businesses program announced the investment in a press release published Friday, September 8. The company plans to divide the new $100 million among three groups: community lenders funding rural small business owners will receive $75 million; community college courses hosted by the 10,000 Small Businesses organization will receive $15 million; local entrepreneurs will receive the remaining $10 million in the form of grants. Read More

Square and Cash App went offline, making it impossible for many small businesses to accept or render payments for several hours.
Image Source: Square

Square and Cash App outage creates trouble for small businesses
Payment processing platforms Square and Cash App suffered an outage on Thursday, September 8, preventing customers from making purchases and costing small business owners thousands in lost revenue. Both Square and Cash App are owned by Block, a software development firm behind several financial-focused applications, including a cryptocurrency platform titled Spiral. Square is often used as a point-of-sale platform by storefronts looking to avoid installing a more expensive and cumbersome payment system, while Cash App is typically used to electronically pay a company’s invoices or even employee wages. Read More

Intuit, the U.S. financial and accounting software giant, has unveiled its first customer-facing generative AI–powered solution:
Image Source: LinkedIn | Intuit

Intuit launches its generative AI digital assistant for consumers and small businesses
Intuit, the U.S. financial and accounting software giant, has unveiled its first customer-facing generative AI–powered solution: a digital assistant to assist small businesses and consumers. The digital assistant, Intuit Assist, integrates into Intuit’s platform and products: TurboTaxCredit KarmaQuickBooks, and Mailchimp. It has a standard user interface that uses contextual datasets to provide personalized recommendations to the company’s over 100 million small businesses and customers worldwide. The service also offers human assistance through Intuit’s live platform when necessary. Read More

Buy with Prime
Image Source: SpurIT Blog | Jennifer Warren

Shopify merchants can now use ‘Buy with Prime’ through Amazon integration
Amazon recently unveiled the “Buy with Prime” app integration for Shopify retailers. The objective is to bridge the gap between Shopify’s expanding merchant community and Amazon Prime’s massive consumer base. It’s a move that demonstrates Amazon’s forward-thinking e-commerce strategy and its recognition of small businesses’ influence in the online market. Through Amazon’s fulfillment network, Buy with Prime offers Prime members fast, free delivery and easy returns. Prime members pay for their orders after logging into their Amazon accounts using a payment method from their Amazon wallets, and Shopify Payments will process the payment using Shopify’s Checkout. Read More

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