Shopify merchants can now use ‘Buy with Prime’ through Amazon integration

By the end of September, the app will be accessible to all U.S.-based Shopify merchants utilizing Amazon's fulfillment network. 

Buy with Prime
Image Source: SpurIT Blog | Jennifer Warren

Amazon recently unveiled the “Buy with Prime” app integration for Shopify retailers. The objective is to bridge the gap between Shopify’s expanding merchant community and Amazon Prime’s massive consumer base. It’s a move that demonstrates Amazon’s forward-thinking e-commerce strategy and its recognition of small businesses’ influence in the online market.

Through Amazon’s fulfillment network, Buy with Prime offers Prime members fast, free delivery and easy returns. Prime members pay for their orders after logging into their Amazon accounts using a payment method from their Amazon wallets, and Shopify Payments will process the payment using Shopify’s Checkout. 

Today, the software is an invite-only service for selective Shopify merchants. But, by the end of September, the app will be accessible to all U.S.-based Shopify merchants utilizing or intending to use Amazon’s fulfillment network. 

What does this mean for Small Business Owners?

According to preliminary reports, the “Buy with Prime” feature integration into Shopify stores can increase customer conversions by a staggering 25%. This is a sizable margin, particularly for small businesses trying to find new ways to broaden their online clientele and boost sales.

Shopify store owners had to handle Buy with Prime individually before this integration. With the new app, Shopify’s platform will now have all functionality natively integrated. This covers order, promotion, catalog, and even tax automatic synchronizing. This means fewer administrative difficulties for merchants and more time to concentrate on their main lines of business.

Millions of Prime members accustomed to Amazon’s quick and dependable delivery services may now shop on participating Shopify sites with the same assurance. The large Prime membership will surely enjoy a seamless shopping experience with simple returns.

Merchants interested in signing up can visit Amazon’s Buy with Prime app for the Shopify page.