ArticlesIntuit launches its generative AI digital assistant for consumers and small businesses

Intuit launches its generative AI digital assistant for consumers and small businesses

Intuit, the U.S. financial and accounting software giant, has unveiled its first customer-facing generative AI–powered solution: a digital assistant to assist small businesses and consumers.

The digital assistant, Intuit Assist, integrates into Intuit’s platform and products: TurboTax, Credit Karma, QuickBooks, and Mailchimp. It has a standard user interface that uses contextual datasets to provide personalized recommendations to the company’s over 100 million small businesses and customers worldwide. The service also offers human assistance through Intuit’s live platform when necessary.

The assistant was created using GenOS, the software behemoth’s proprietary operating system based on generative AI. GenOS was introduced in June to assist Intuit developers in integrating AI across the company’s businesses.

Intuit Assist in TurboTax analyzes each customer’s unique tax situation and navigates the tax code using the company’s tax domain experience, vast data, and proprietary, AI-powered Tax Knowledge Engine. Based on the information a customer supplies at the beginning of the tax preparation process, it will produce a personalized tax checklist that includes recommendations, tailored insights, and answers to their questions. According to the corporation, the assistant will also collaborate with TurboTax Live to provide customized responses based on compiled insights to help human experts.

Similarly, the digital assistant will assist Credit Karma consumers in receiving customized responses to their financial questions. It will leverage financial information from clients to provide unique solutions and advice, as well as a tailored list of financial possibilities.

The assistant will also be a part of QuickBooks to support small firms by, for instance, highlighting areas of high cash flow and spotting hot commodities and spending irregularities. Additionally, suppose a small or medium-sized firm is unfamiliar with the platform. In that case, it will assist in getting them started with QuickBooks and importing data from their website to customize the profile. According to the startup, the assistant will also assist in creating invoice reminders that may be altered in tone and length.

The company said that its generative AI-based assistant will enable small businesses, entrepreneurs, and marketers utilizing Mailchimp to personalize their marketing at scale and develop campaigns based on their brand’s identity and market intent. They can modify the tone, text, and image more quickly.

After the campaign is created, Intuit Assist can assist with sending it on time and adding it to the business’s marketing calendar. Additionally, it may use QuickBooks’ product and service data to create automated draft emails. The assistant can add customers to the Mailchimp sales funnel for long-term tracking if a company has lengthy lead qualifications or sales cycles.

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