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Melinda Emerson provides insights on how to engage consumers effectively via market research

Many small business owners may ask themselves, “How can I make a great offer”? On today’s episode of the Small Business Show, we welcome Melinda Emerson, America’s number one small business expert, CEO of Quintessence Group, and Best-selling Author. 

Melinda Emerson is known as “SmallBizLady,” who is successful in attracting and keeping small business clients and is a small company expert in three areas: Guiding small businesses through their critical stages of development, providing guidance on how to advertise to small enterprises to Fortune 500 companies, and assisting Fortune 500 clients and SMBs in making efficient use of digital marketing.

Key Takeaways:

Making a great offer is all about how you present value and determine how that resonates with your audience. So, ultimately, it falls down to these nine strategies:

  • Research your target audience and evaluate their needs, wants, and desires. 
  • Solve a problem for your target customers by effectively offering solutions.
  • Highlight your unique value proposition or what sets your business apart. 
  • Create a sense of scarcity and entice them to action with the fear of missing out. 
  • Leverage your proven success.
  • Make a great guarantee, or offer them options.
  • Give tired pricing options so consumers can choose the best for them.
  • Bring in compelling visuals.
  • Adopt your offer over time to improve it and target your customers more effectively. 

Market research gives business owners the foundation of their offer because it provides essential insight into the required data. 

Emerson explains you can achieve great market research by:

  • Surveying your target audiences.
  • Analyze your competition offers,
  • Determine price sensitivity
  • Analyze market trends in your industry and other comparable industries
  • adopt your offer to align with those trends

The biggest mistake people make while making an offer is that they’re not solving the right problem for their customers.

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