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Taking your BOLD dream from an idea to a reality — Debra Boblitt | Bold Mission

In today’s uncertain business environment, taking your dream from an idea to reality can be difficult for a lot of small business owners and startups. On today’s The Small Business Show, we’re joined by Debra Boblitt, author of “The Bold Mission.”  Debra is going to share some tactics and strategies for leading a team successfully, how to strengthen your sense of mission, and how to analyze and overcome your fears.

Debra Boblitt is a seasoned insurance executive who worked for State Farm Insurance, the leading provider of life, auto, and home insurance in the country, for nearly three decades. She served as a senior vice president before leaving the firm to pursue a portfolio career. Boblitt has a track record of boosting sales and market share, building effective teams, and managing change. 

Boblitt said, “I wanted to provide hope to entrepreneurs out there or those who haven’t jumped in yet.” She continued, “I wanted to outline how entrepreneurs can get there and what it would entail.” In her book, Boblitt outlines the term BOLD. Bold is how she interprets the tips and strategies to grow a successful business. 

B- Believe in yourself.

O- Owning your mission. 

L- Living your purpose daily.

D– Duplicating your efforts to inspire others. 

Boblitt explains that believing in yourself is how entrepreneurs start the process. “Everyone was born with a purpose, and once you believe that purpose, mission, or goal, you get to own it.” The difference between believing and owning it lies in commitment. For example, say you open a business wanting to provide X. Once you take action towards providing for the community, you can start living in it. Once you live in your purpose, you begin illustrating to others that the purpose or mission you believe in is yours. In addition, when you drive your business to success, you want to show others how to as well. However, it all starts with believing. 

Despite being BOLD, Boblitt’s book also highlights the circumstances that hold entrepreneurs back- fear. “The Bold Mission” elaborates on how you can overcome fear and adds examples of people who have done what you’re seeking to do. Additionally, Boblitt encourages entrepreneurs to go and look at interviews of people who have done what they’re scared to do and has been successful for them. This action has been proven very effective, especially for entrepreneurs seeking more encouragement in their early endeavors.

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Jaelyn Campbell
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