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25 of the best digital tools to accelerate productivity

Every small business can benefit from enhancing productivity and squeezing more time out of each day. But, because small businesses owners wear dozens of different hats, it’s almost inevitable that you and your team won’t be able to manage every facet of a flourishing enterprise. When productivity gaps occur, many employees make use of digital tools and technology to pick up the slack and boost output. In this article, we’ve outlined 25 digital tools entrepreneurs can utilize that will help them go from overwhelmed to aligned action.

1. Asana 

The best overall work management platform designed to aid in organization, tracking, and work management. 

  • Pricing- Basic subscription- free for up to 15 users;
    • Premium plan- $11.99 per user/month;
    • Business plan- $24.99 per user/month.
  • Available on IOS, Android, Windows, Mac, or by visiting from a desktop device.

2. Trello

The best for simple project management and list making applications for project management and collaboration. 

  • Pricing- Basic plan- free for unlimited members;
    • Business class- $10 per user/month;
    • Enterprise plan has extra controls, security, and support with custom pricing.
  • Available on desktop apps.

3. Todoist

 The best for ease of usage as a to-do list application and online task manager. 

  • Pricing- Free plan for workers up to five team members;
    • Pro plan- $3 per user/month;
    • Business plan is $5 per user/month.
  • Available on IOS, Android, Windows, Mac, or by visiting from a desktop device.

4. Airtable

Best multi feature- a cloud collaboration for spreadsheet-database hybrid.

  • Pricing- Free for teams to get started;
    • Plus plan is $12 per user/month;
    • Pro plan is $20 per user/month.
  • Available on IOS and Google play.

5. Zoho projects 

Best valu e- a cloud base project management software to help teams plan, track, collaborate, and achieve projects. 

  • Pricing- Free for three users;
    • Premium is $5 per user/month for unlimited users;
    • Business is $10 per user/month and is bullied annually.
  • Available on IOS and Google play.

6. Slack 

An instant messaging program designed by Slack Technologies and owned by WorkForce.

  • Pricing- Basic plan- free with 90 day access to recent messaging history, 1:1 audio and video conversations
    • Pro is $7.25/month for the benefits of the free plan and the full message history, audio and video sharing among  50 people;
    • Business plan is $12.50/mo which includes the free and pro plan with advance identity management and 24/7 support.
  • Available on IOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

7. ClickUP

An all in one project management platform that aids teams to manage tasks, docs, goals, and projects to be more productive.  

  • Pricing- Free forever- best for personal use;
    • Unlimited- $5/user/month best for small teams;
    • Business- $12/user/month best for mid-sized teams;
  • Available on desktop and mobile apps.

8. Evernote

A note-taking and task management application intended for archiving and creating notes in photos, audio, and saved online content. 

  • Pricing- Free plan- great for personal usage;
    • Paid plans start from $7.99/user/month and include customization, team functions, more storage and more.
  • Available on desktop and mobile apps.

9. FigJam

An online whiteboard to ideate and brainstorm to aid teams stay organized, brainstorm creative solutions, and focus on important tasks. 

  • Pricing- Free forever for 3 Figma or 3 FigJam files;
    • Professional- $12/editor/month;
    • Organization- $45/editor/month.
  • Available on desktop apps and mobile apps for iPad.

10. Zapier

An automation and integration platform that allows teams to integrate web applications and automate workflows across over 5,000 apps. 

  • Pricing- Free plans are available for individuals who need basic automation;
    • Starter plans- $19.99/month for basic individual needs;
    • Professional plans- $49/month to full access.
  • Available on desktop apps.

11. BetterTeam 

The best tool for increasing employee productivity.

  • Pricing- Solo plan- $39 for 1 monthly job posting;
    • Basic plan- $99 for 3 monthly job posting;
    • Unlimited plan- $139 for 10 monthly job postings.
  • Available on desktop and mobile apps.

12. Miro 

Online collaborative whiteboard to turn mind maps into a project hub. 

  • Pricing-  free for unlimited members with three editable boards;
    • Starter plan- $8/user/month with unlimited boards;
    • Business- $16/user/month with unlimited private and secure workspaces.
  • Available on desktop app and Microsoft Store.

13. Pomofoucs 

A mobile and desktop browser-based pomodoro timer that can be customized to assist in maintaining attention when coding, writing, or studying. 

  • Pricing- Free version;
    • Premium- $3.29 for 3 months.
  • Available as a web app or on Mac/ IOS.

14. Teamgantt 

An online Gantt chart calendar integration software.

  • Pricing- only pay for managers, everyone else is free.
    • LITE- $19/month/manager [5 projects/manager];
    • Pro- $49/mo./manager [20 projects/manager];
    • Enterprise- $99/mo./manager [unlimited].
  • Available on desktop and mobile apps.

15. Calendly 

The world’s #1 scheduling tool. A software company that develops a business communication platform for teams to schedule. 

  • Pricing- for individuals always free;
    •  Essentials- $8/seat/mo for more scheduling needs;
    • Professional- $12/seat/mo for small teams.
  • Available on desktop and mobile apps.

16. Obsidian  

A knowledge-base that works on local markdown files. 

  • Pricing- Free for personal use.
  • Available on Google Play apps in the Mountain West, Southwest, California, Oregon, and Washington State region.

17. Bardeen 

Integrate and automate your favorite apps with its AI automation platform. 

  • Pricing- Free 14 day pro-trial;
    • Profesional- $10/mo.
  • Available on Desktop platform utilizing Google Chrome.

18. DropBox

A file hosting service operation. 

  • Pricing- Plus- For individual: $11.99;
    • Standard- for small teams: $18/user/mo.
  • Available on desktop and mobile apps.

19. LastPass 

Password manager distributed in subscription form. 

  • Pricing- free for one device;
    • Premium: $3/mo billed annually; 30 day free trial.
  • Available on desktop and mobile apps.

20. Canva

An global multinational graphic design platform that is used to create social media graphics and presentations.

  • Pricing- Free;
    • Pro- $199.99/user/yr;
    • Teams- $149.90/user/yr.
  • Available on desktop and mobile apps.

21. Google Drive 

A file storage and synchronization service.

  • Pricing- basic cloud- $6/mo;
    • Business cloud- $12/mo.
  • Available on desktop and mobile apps.

22. Teamwork 

A collaborative effort of a group to achieve a common goal or to complete a task. 

  • Pricing- free for up to 5 users;
    • Starter- $5.99/mo billed yearly 3 user minimum.
  • Available on desktop and mobile apps.23.

23. LiquidPlanner

An online project management software.

  • Pricing- Free  for 3 users;
    • Essentials- $15 up to 50 projects;
    • Pro- $25 up to 500 projects.
  • Available on desktop apps.

24. Wrike 

A project management application service provider. 

  • Pricing- Free for starting teams;
    • Team- $9.80/user/mo;
    • Business- $24.80/user/mo.
  • Available on Android, IOS, offline and sync is restored when connection is available.


A platform that wraps HR management, benefits, and payroll into one easy-to-use tool.

  • Pricing- Starts at $5/user/mo
  • Available on desktop and mobile apps.

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