Using harmonic messaging for an effective marketing strategy – Bonnie Mauldin

Everyone loves music, but did you know that comparing your business to music could be the answer to elevating your business? Joining us in the studio on today’s episode of The Small Business Show is Bonnie Mauldin, marketing consultant, author, and CEO of The Mauldin Group. Mauldin’s newest book, “Harmonic Messaging: Make Your Brand Sales and Marketing Sing in Harmony,” takes readers through how harmony can be a marketing strategy.

Key Takeaways:

1. With a musical background, Mauldin saw how the musical ensemble correlates to the way businesses operate. Stating all the parts have to come together to be successful. 

2. Her book focuses on branding and how sales and marketing work together to create a plan of action and a way to communicate your company’s message. 

3. The design of your branding/messaging will determine customers’ decisions about your business in just 11 seconds.

4. Brand messaging ensures that all aspects of your company’s image, including how customers feel about it, are consistent and harmonize together. 

5. Make sure you’re passionate about starting your own business because Mauldin asserts that you’ll work harder for what you develop versus a typical nine-to-five. 

“Harmonic messaging is all about emanating the right sound and message to the right people at the right time.”