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Become a brand in demand with the 6 ‘M’s of influence — Melinda Emerson | SmallBizLady

Are you a coach, a speaker, an author, or a small to medium-sized business trying to get more clients or customers? Well, we have the answers to growing your business with influence by using the six “M”s. On today’s The Small Business Show, we’re joined again by Melinda Emerson, President of SmallBiz Lady Enterprises, who will walk us through the six “M”s of influence.   

Branding your business depends on the size of your company. Emerson states, “The bigger your brand is, the easier it is to grow. For example, you won’t have to chase your customers if your brand is well-known; they’ll find you.” Your business can achieve a bigger brand by utilizing the “Six M’s of influence,” which are as follows:

  1. Mindset | The first thing you got to do is believe you are who you say you are. Emerson asserts, “You must treat yourself and talk to yourself like you are a professional speaker right now.” She adds, “Even before my first book: Becoming your own Boss, came out, I declared I was going to be America’s number one small business expert; it took me three years before that was Googleably true.” By claiming it initially, Emerson expressed that she was confident throughout the publication process since confidence makes up 90% of the influence. 
  2. Message | What is your unique message that is impactful and transformative to your target audience? Your message should be the very thing you’re writing or speaking about that is relatable to your audience. You want to find ways to bring an original perspective on something people have already been talking about. Emerson states, “I’m not the first person to discuss business, but I’m the best one because I systematized it.”
  3. Money | At the end of the day, you must have a good offer. You must consider your offer and how you will stand out in the marketplace. 
  4. Marketing | Once you determine your mindset, identify your message, and get your offer, you must decide how to tell the world you are the greatest. You must specify the platform you will utilize as your primary marketing channel. 
  5. Method | Many people are developing content out there, so you need to identify a solid strategy. Understand how you’re going to zig when others zag. “You have to be strategic about everything from the beginning,” asserts Emerson. 
  6. Motivation | In business and life, you’ll hear “No” a lot more than “Yes,” but you have to keep going. You have to remain focused and remember why you started. Know your why, who your audience is, and how to serve them better. “If you focus on that, you will become a brand in demand,” says Emerson. 

Want to see more from Melinda Emerson? Then check out her upcoming event, Brand In Demand Live on September 21 in Philadelphia. Head on over to\brandindemandlive for more information. 

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Jaelyn Campbell
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