Advice From the ProsWhen To Call A Professional For Your Video Marketing – Michelle Amarra,...

When To Call A Professional For Your Video Marketing – Michelle Amarra, SCB Video TV Marketing

On this segment of Advice From the ProsMichelle Amarra, President at SCB Video TV Marketing addresses a common question, when do you need to hire a professional for your video marketing needs? Tune-in to hear more from Michelle and be sure to check out her previous tips, Out of the Box Thinking for Your Marketing Videos, Where to Use Your Video Content, Don’t Be Afraid to Make People Laugh, Why Video Marketing Works, The Top 3 Types of Videos to Promote Your Business, and Repurpose Your Video Content.

Video Transcript

Hey guys, it’s Michelle from SEB video TV marketing. And this is your tip from a pro. We get asked all the time,” Hey Michelle, do we have to have a professional video production company?” And the answer to that question is no. You can definitely use your phones or small cameras to create videos for your business. Those types of videos would be live stream videos, maybe fun videos around the office. But the line to know when to call a professional video production company would definitely be, is it going to be on your website? It needs to be done by a professional. Is it going to run on television? It definitely needs to be done by a professional. And also if you’re going to use it in some type of social media campaign, you definitely want to have a professional do it so that you have high quality content going out there. That’s your tip from a pro.

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