Don’t Be Afraid to Make People Laugh – Michelle Amarra, SCB Video TV Marketing

On this segment of Advice From the ProsMichelle Amarra, President at SCB Video TV Marketing says don’t be afraid to make people laugh in your marketing videos. Find fun ways to engage with your customers. Tune-in to hear more from Michelle and be sure to check out her previous tips, Why Video Marketing Works and The Top 3 Types of Videos to Promote Your Business.

Video Transcript:

Michelle Amarra:
Hey guys, it’s Michelle from SCB Video TV Marketing, and this is your Tip From a Pro. Video marketing can be delivered in so many different ways, but one thing that’s catching people everywhere is don’t be afraid to make people laugh. Videos don’t always have to be perfect and polished. You can have fun with videos. Making fun videos around the office, getting your team involved, it’s not just about delivering who you are, and what service you provide. Find a fun way, and an engaging way to interact with your customers by using video. That’s your Tip From a Pro.