LegalZoom and NBA stars grant $3 million in funding to small businesses [Deadline Sept. 13]

This season will mark the program's largest grant cohort to date, announced the last round of the annual Fast Break for Small Business grant program is still available until September 13., the leading provider of online small business formations, announced that the NBA, WNBA, and NBA G-League are co-sponsoring the last round of the annual Fast Break for Small Business grant program and that interested applicants can still apply. With a campaign to award $3 million in grants and services aimed at providing small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs with the required funds, resources, and know-how to launch, manage, and expand their small businesses.

Grant applications close September 13, 2024, 2024 by 8 P.M ET.

This season will mark the program’s largest grant cohort to date, with $1,500,000 in financial grants to 150 current small company owners and $1,500,000 in goods and services to 3,000 aspiring entrepreneurs in need of startup assistance provided by LegalZoom.

Despite the resilience of small businesses in the face of inflation, bank failures, and general volatility, initiatives like Fast Break for Small Business will offer extra financial and educational support that stimulates the local economy and creates jobs.

NBA Champion and two-time MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo has teamed up with LegalZoom to support Fast Break for Small Business and give back to the small business community following the announcement of his own small business, Improbable Media. The company plans to debut a new TV ad featuring Giannis and two-time WNBA champion Kelsey Plum in March. The ad is set to run throughout the NBA and WNBA seasons

Antetokounmpo asserts, “I didn’t have the financial background or support that’s important when you’re building a business early in my own journey.” He added, “I want to make the kinds of business opportunities and knowledge available to others who are just starting so they can succeed.”

Fast Break for Small Business has given $1,500,000 to 150 small business owners since its inception in 2021 and provided approximately 4,000 small business owners free access to LegalZoom services. Entrepreneurs from 48 states, including the District of Columbia, have benefited from the program. Of the grantees, 92% are people of color, 60% are female-owned, and 72% operate in NBA, WNBA, or G League markets.

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