How the Swedish fika tradition is revolutionizing office culture

Businesses around the world are adopting fika, the Swedish practice of taking a group coffee break, to boost productivity and lower stress

Businesses around the world are adopting fika, the Swedish practice of taking a group coffee break, to boost productivity and lower stress.

Experts are heralding the benefits of fika, a Swedish tradition that has been shown to boost employee productivity and lower stress in professional environments.

Fika, coming from the Swedish word for coffee, is the practice of taking a collective coffee break once or even twice day while at work. The tradition is not only seen as an important part of maintaining a work-life balance in its home country but is also being adopted around the world.

Multiple companies in the U.S. and U.K. are implementing fika into their business culture, saying that it has boosted camaraderie among their teams and raised productivity. Here are three reasons why this social practice is taking the professional world by storm.

1. Fika can be spontaneous or scheduled. Whether using it as a way to celebrate the team’s successes or as a respite from daily tasks, managers can either invite their employees to take joint coffee breaks or carve out time in the day for resting. Its flexibility means it can be molded into whatever works best for the company, making fika an optimal choice for organizations both large and small.

2. Fika improves trust and encourages teamwork. Relationships filled with trust and respect are crucial to health and overall well-being. Unfortunately, at work, most connections are reduced to mere acquaintanceships, and although team members may appear friendly, they rarely rely on each other since they are never given the time to truly engage. Communal coffee breaks wear down barriers through shared respite, allowing workers to build rapport with one another. This not only prevents conflicts from arising but also improves synergy across the entire team.

3. Fika boosts productivity. Although many believe that work and stress are not only two sides of the same coin but also equally necessary to achieve results, countless studies have shown that frustrated, over-burdened employees do not work as efficiently as those who are happy with their careers. Taking a coffee break with friendly co-workers, whether routine or random, gives tired workers a chance to slow down and gain perspective, allowing them to return re-energized and with a better attitude.

Consider implementing a fika practice into your company’s work culture. Whether your break is held in the local coffee shop or in the office lounge, the more employees are allowed to socialize and recuperate, the more returns you will see for your business.

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