Transforming workplace culture: how making differences work can drive team innovation and success

Paul Sarvadi, Author, Chairman, and CEO at Insperity, joins us on the latest episode of The Small Business Show. We are also joined by Dr. Eli Jones, Author, Independent Director at Insperity, And Professor at Texas A&M University

As co-authors, Dr. Jones and Sarvadi developed a book, Making Differences Work, roughly two years ago based on observing what is occurring in our society, emphasizing the workplace. The book examines how leaders fully engage with their employees. 

Key Takeaways

1. Dr. Jones and Sarvadi’s book, Making Difference Work, focuses on creating a collaborative culture within organizations by driving significant outcomes through sensible longing. He also notes how the co-authors emphasize team innovation and the importance of values alignment to ensure that employees believe in the company’s values. 

2. The book examines the effectiveness of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs, building commonality, equality, and cohesiveness. Additionally, it discovers how employers can create a culture that excites employees to work together. Overall, the book encourages organizations to prioritize employee engagement and team innovation for success.

3. In response to the murder of George Floyd and its effects within his own organization, Sarvadi took extensive measures to reevaluate the DEI programs within his staff. With the help of Dr. Jones, they were able to implement and improve any faulty areas within Insperity. 

4. Dr. Jones believes that “It makes sense for Insperity to lead the way in DEI because of the culture they built behind the organization.” Insperity goes beyond the DEI program space by building a people-centric culture. The organization is set up to work with small-to-medium-sized businesses with an HR solution. 

5. The reality of the DEI in the workplace falls to the DEI movement that originated from the unified objectives that were really necessary but became checkmarks and energy drains as it centered more around liability management. Therefore, Sarvadi emphasizes the importance of the values and worth of each person in the workplace.

"When we focus on these key areas, businesses have a collaborative organization focused on innovation, and they're unified- despite race." – Dr. Eli Jones

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