How LinkedIn uses generative AI to increase productivity – Greg Willis

Hiring and recruitment have been a pain point for many business owners for the last few years. But with the help of AI, LinkedIn can do a lot of the heavy lifting, helping you find the right person for the job. On today’s episode of The Small Business Show, we’re joined by Greg Willis, the General Manager and Head of Digital Sales at LinkedIn. Willis explores the benefits of generative AI and some of its limitations for business owners.

Greg Willis is the general manager and head of sales for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, which leads in assisting other B2B advertising companies in delivering the right message to the right targeted audience on a secure and reliable platform.

Key Takeaways:

1. Artificial intelligence will help brands discover new ways to tell their marketing stories and improve performance. 

2. By embedding businesses to focus more on impactful work, generative AI will deliver nearly $16 trillion in productivity by 2030. 

3. LinkedIn’s talent solutions aid recruiters in finding the right candidate faster and allow better connections to be established through its AI Copy Suggestions for marketers. 

4. 56% of all marketers globally are interested in using AI to help create more content in less time. 

5. Processes like AI, automation, advertising, and marketing can free up time for employees to focus on tasks that require human or personalized interactions. 

6. 49% of workers are worried AI will replace their jobs. At the same time, 70% would delegate more work to an AI to lessen their workload.

"The quick rise in generative solutions kick-started a wave of headlines that AI would replace human jobs, But that couldn't be further from the truth."