Small Business ShowsThe RoadmapUnlocking the secret to scaling your revenue – Steven Eisenstein

Unlocking the secret to scaling your revenue – Steven Eisenstein

On The Roadmap, we often talk to guests about how to climb the ladder, scale their business, and one day, exit stage left. On this week’s show, host Ted Jenkin welcomes Steven Eisenstein, the president of Classic Tents & Events, to discuss his entrepreneurial journey entering the tent rental industry. 

Classic Tents & Events gained momentum after years of growing, acquiring experience, and establishing local business alliances. They went from a 12,000-square-foot location with only two loading docks to a 44,000-square-foot site on four acres with five loading docks. Since then, they have expanded their business and services to better cater to significant events around the Southeast. As a one-stop shop, Classic Tents & Events strives to retain its commitment to providing excellent customer service and a problem-solving mentality in the marketplace.

Key Takeaways

1. In 2010, present owners Steven Eisenstein and Karen Alclock bought Classic Tents and Events from the original investor, Ria Bruns. 

2. Steven Eisenstein has ample experience in the booming Atlanta hospitality industry, while Karen worked alongside Bruns in customer service and sales. 

3. The key to scaling revenue is to be diverse. The company is involved in several sectors, such as retail, festivals, corporate events, and annual city gigs. 

4. Developing plausible and detailed contracts allows the business to scale beyond weddings and smaller events. Classic Tents and Events nurtures their contracts, helping vendors scale out to larger markets. 

5. Eisenstein advises other entrepreneurs to be actively involved, study the market, and be around people they can learn from when scaling their business. 

“There is no trade secret here. It’s just about how you care for, train, and deal with your people.”

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Jaelyn Campbell
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