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How Atlanta Based HIVE Talent Acquisition is Delivering Innovative HR Solutions to Small Businesses

Recruiting strategies are constantly evolving and adapting to changes in the job market and candidate expectations. Traditional methods no longer attract the top talent, and it’s the recruiters’ job to get creative. To discuss this topic in more detail, ASBN host Bridget Fitzpatrick recently caught up with Dana Neiger, Veronica Jenkins, and Caroline Chamberlain of HIVE, a global search, staffing, and Human Resources solutions firm located right here in Atlanta. 

HIVEDana and Veronica co-founded HIVE in November of 2017 with the goal of becoming “a firm for the people.” Dana and Veronica were previously working together on a recruitment team when they realized that they could deliver HR solutions to people with a people focus. Now taking their talent acquisition, recruiting, and human resources solutions to the next level they specialize in curating and crafting HR based solutions to accurately suit the needs of all of their clients.

They go on to discuss one of their programs that Caroline is heavily involved with: the Swarm Society. Caroline has been working as an intern with HIVE since last May, and after she was hired she said she talked with Dana and Veronica about her difficulty in finding an internship. Since then they have been working to establish the Swarm Society in order to work with both interns and companies on implementing internship programs in medium to small-sized businesses.

Additionally, Dana and Veronica talk about what factors have been the most integral in the success of their business; their connections and their network, along with re-investing their money back into their company. To hear more about their programs and their company’s success check out the full interview above.

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