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How to Amp Up Your Next Marketing Campaign With Personalized Merch – John DeMartino, Swagchimp

John Demartino, Chief Promotions Officer for Swagchimp, talks with ASBN’s Karen Coons at the 2019 Digital Summit in Atlanta. Swagchimp is the promotions division of the Digital Summit itself and they work to provide small business owners and businesses of all types with promotional products that could work for their marketing campaigns. They work with their clients and their art departments to provide, select, and source promotional products with a personalized logo.


With a variety of products, including wireless charging pads, vacuum insulated tumblers, branded Amazon Echos, and webcam covers, Swagchimp has a product for every business occasion. They work with their clients directly to come up with particular ideas that are going to suit a business’ needs, whether that’s a tech event or a women in business event, Swagchimp can provide businesses with whatever product is going to best suit them.

These promotional items act as an excellent marketing tool for when your business is attending a conference, expo, or trying to secure a client. It’s a way to attract consumers to your business without being overly aggressive.

To learn more about Swagchimp and their products watch the full interview above or visit their website at

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