ArticlesShopify soft launches free artificial intelligence service for entrepreneurs

Shopify soft launches free artificial intelligence service for entrepreneurs

E-commerce platform Shopify has launched Shopify Magic, a service giving businesses access to powerful artificial intelligence tools for free.

The eCommerce platform revealed the launch during its recent Summer 23 Edition event, where it described the features included in the new toolkit. While development is ongoing, the main attraction of Shopify Magic is an AI-powered assistant titled Sidekick. Businesses can use Sidekick in a similar manner to ChatGPT, writing prompts to direct responses from the software. Thus, the assistant can be used to generate automatic replies to website users, write product descriptions and create blog posts. The company has released Sidekick for early access and plans to fully launch the product in the coming months.

The Shopify Magic suite is one of the newest artificial intelligence services targeting small businesses. Since entrepreneurs often lack manpower, toolkits that reduce workloads and streamline tasks can drastically improve efficiency, unlocking more time for managers and employees to focus on growing the brand. Among all the features planned for Sidekick, AI-generated product descriptions are likely to be used the most. In an April blog post, the e-commerce company revealed that millions of items sold on its platform lack descriptions, a problem that can negatively impact customer impressions and internet traffic. Deliberating such a task to a program can help these brands gain a wider audience.

While Shopify Magic is a significant development for users of the platform, many other software options exist to improve workflows, even if they lack the same convenience of a free service. Hundreds of companies and startups are taking advantage of the sudden surge in demand for AI by launching their own products targeting entrepreneurs and small business teams. However, while AI introduces many advantages, businesses must be sure to integrate their new toolkits with caution. To maximize productivity, managers and company owners should consider not only the parts of their job that can be eased by artificial intelligence but also the parts that require more human attention. At the end of the day, technology is a tool, not a crutch. Picking a tool that improves efficiency will ultimately prove useless if it is not supplemented with good time management.

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Colin Velez
Colin Velez
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