ArticlesAmazon announces new alliances to support the growth of Black-owned businesses

Amazon announces new alliances to support the growth of Black-owned businesses

August is National Black Business Month, a time to recognize, celebrate, and support black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs nationwide. 

Independent sellers generate over 60% of Amazon’s store sales, most of which are small and medium-sized enterprises. Amazon seeks to create opportunities for Black-owned businesses so that they, too, may begin and grow profitable businesses in our store and beyond.

Available resources

The e-commerce giant introduced the Black Business Accelerator (BBA) in 2021 to support sustainable entrepreneurship among Black-owned businesses in our marketplace as part of its ongoing commitment to their success. Customers are given more freedom to shop in accordance with their ideals and can take advantage of an extensive range that reflects their individual preferences thanks to the greater diversity of goods these Black-owned companies offer in our store.

Customers appreciate the broader variety of goods from Black-owned companies. Additionally, Amazon’s commitment to making Black-owned and small businesses more discoverable in the marketplace is critical to fostering sustainable growth. The e-commerce giant has made significant improvements to its Black is Remarkable store, where customers can shop and learn about amazing Black business owners, to enhance the shopping experience and make it simpler for customers to discover products from these firms.

The online retailer relaunched the Amazon Small Business Academy (ASBA) to meet the needs of small and underserved businesses and provide a portfolio of free, interactive resources to empower entrepreneurs from idea to launch and beyond. Regardless of whether they are Amazon sellers, ASBA provides early entrepreneurs with access to free foundational business education, industry experts, tools, resources, and networking opportunities that will help them launch a digital business more quickly.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners can learn through audio content in addition to the curriculum by listening to episodes of the podcast This is Small Business, which explores essential commercial choices made by small business owners on their path to success. 

Growth strategy

Amazon pours billions of dollars into providing independent merchants with the best possible selling environment each year. Giving them access to powerful, reasonably priced tools and services will help them launch rapidly, expand their businesses, reach more clients, and build their brands. Amazon researched and worked with industry professionals to better understand how to support small businesses. As a result, they examined the root causes of economic inequality and found that a lack of access to capital significantly contributes to this inequality.

To shop and discover Black-owned businesses in Amazon’s store, visit the Buy Black Store, and look for the Small Business and Black-Owned Business badge.

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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