The Atlanta Small Business Show on CBS46 and Peachtree TV: Episode 30

This week on The Atlanta Small Business Show, we start things off with Sean McGarry, Founder, Owner, and Managing Director of Franchise Direct, an online portal that specializes in matching a user’s specific criteria with the optimal franchise brand. Then, we take a look at our conversation with Elayne Fluker, host of the Support is Sexy Podcast which has interviewed over 450 women and has more than 600,000 downloads. She discusses how women business owners can overcome “I-got-it syndrome” in their professional lives.

Next up, is a portion of the Atlanta Small Business Profile featuring Dr. Damon A. Williams. Following Damon, is our on-location interview with Tiffany Terranova, Melanoma survivor, and founder of RAW Bronzing Studio, an organic and customizable spray tan salon group. We wrap things up with Fred McGill, CEO and co-founder of SimpleShowing, an Atlanta-based startup that is modernizing the traditional real estate process. Be sure to tune into this week’s show! Originally aired on 11.15.19

Franchise DirectHow Franchise Direct Has Been Matching Entrepreneurs to Their Dream Franchises for Over 20 Years
In today’s business climate, more and more entrepreneurs consider joining a franchise system in lieu of starting their own business from scratch. Franchises provide a tried-and-true business model that offers stability and consistency and the potential to be lucrative right out of the gate. However, entrepreneurs still face the challenge of finding the right franchise that suits their lifestyle and business goals. On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome Sean McGarry, Founder, Owner, and current Managing Director at Franchise Direct, right here in Atlanta. Watch Now

Support is Sexy Podcast: How Elayne Fluker is Giving a Voice to Ambitious Female Entrepreneurs
On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome Elayne Fluker, a business coach focused on helping women in entrepreneurship, and host of the Support is Sexy Podcast which has interviewed over 450 women and has more than 600,000 downloads. We first learn about Elayne’s 20-plus-year background in media and how she got into the business of helping women build their businesses. As she moved through her career and networked with other women business owners, she realized that she and many other women had an aversion to asking for help and support. Watch Now

Damon WilliamsAtlanta Small Business Profile – Dr. Damon Williams, Speaker & Social Impact Leader
On this week’s episode of the Atlanta Small Business Profile, host and small business expert Ted Jenkin, speaks to Dr. Damon Williams. Damon is the founder of The Center for Strategic Diversity Leadership and Social Innovation, which aims to help organizations big and small improve their diversity leadership strategies. Developing your business’s leadership and management to be more inclusion and diversity-focused is one of the most sought after advancements in business today. Watch Now

RAW Bronzing StudioHow a Battle with Skin Cancer Inspired Tiffany Terranova to Create RAW Bronzing Studio
In search of a tanning solution that fit her lifestyle, our next guest created the organic and customizable spray tan salon group, RAW Bronzing Studio. Recently, host Bridget Fitzpatrick was on-location with owner, founder, and Melanoma survivor, Tiffany Terranova. As a fair-skinned, Stage II Melanoma survivor, Tiffany knew that she wanted to find a safe and healthy way to keep her skin tanned and glowing without the use of rays or chemicals. She wasn’t happy with the options currently out there in the market, so she decided to bring her own concept to life. Are you interested in visiting RAW Bronzing Studio? Then check out one of their four locations in Sharpsburg, Buckhead, Midtown, and a brand new space in Inman Park. Watch Now

How SimpleShowing Managed to Raise Over $1 Million Through Crowdfunding – Fred McGill, Co-Founder
On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome Fred McGill, CEO and co-founder of SimpleShowing, an Atlanta-based startup that is modernizing the traditional real estate process. SimpleShowing has managed to raise over one million dollars in capital through the crowdfunding platform, Republic, which we learn more about, in this segment. Watch Now

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