The Atlanta Small Business Show on CBS46 and Peachtree TV: Episode 22 – [08.31.19]

Rand Fishkin, Richard Makerson, Ashish Mistry, Richard Gerber

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On this week’s episode of The Atlanta Small Business Show, we start things off with attorney Danya Thomas, who discusses the top three business killers that entrepreneurs should avoid. We then take a look at a portion of The Atlanta Small Business Profile featuring Randy Kessler, who tells us how he came up with the idea for Starsona, a personalized celebrity video delivery service. We then hear from President of Allegro Consulting, Mike Gomez, who shares some helpful tips on how to recruit top salespeople. We wrap things up with brand strategist Lindsay Pedersen, who tells us about ways in which brands can occupy valuable real estate in the mind of customers. Be sure to tune into this week’s show!

The Top Three Business Killers To Look Out For – Dayna Thomas
Dayna Thomas is an attorney, a business coach, and the author of Entrepreneur’s Guide To Building A Solid Legal FoundationShe joins the Atlanta Small Business Show once again to share the top three business killers that entrepreneurs should avoid, from keeping expenses low to trademark searches. Watch Now

StarsonaAtlanta Small Business Profile – Randy Kessler, Starsona Personalized Celebrity Videos
On this week’s episode of the Atlanta Small Business Profile, small business expert Ted Jenkin speaks with Randy Kessler, popular celebrity divorce attorney and Founder of Starsona. Starsona is an app where people can gift personalized video shout-outs from celebrities to their friends and family. Notable celebrities include hip-hop artist Da Brat, entertainment blogger Perez Hilton, and NBA star Paul George. And the video messages can range from words of encouragement, to birthdays, to holiday greetings. Watch Now

Why You Need to Stop Trying to Hire Good Salespeople – Mike Gomez, Allegro Consulting
On this episode of the Atlanta Small Business Show, we sit down with Mike Gomez, Founder and President of Allegro Consulting to talk about the importance of implementing a solid sales process within your business and the type of salespeople you would need to accomplish that. Watch Now

ironclad brandHow to Forge an Ironclad Brand for your Business – Lindsay Pedersen, Brand Strategist and Best-Selling Author
Every business owner knows that building a company brand is more than choosing a color scheme and logo. Truly effective branding creates distinction among your competition and occupies valuable real estate in the mind of your customer. To learn more about brand building strategies for your business, we spoke to Lindsay Pedersen, brand strategist and best-selling author of Forging an Ironclad Brand. Watch Now 

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