Manage Your BusinessCustomer ExperienceHow to Improve Your Post-Purchase Customer Experience Strategy - Emily Schunior

How to Improve Your Post-Purchase Customer Experience Strategy – Emily Schunior

Customer experience strategies are often focused on making the buying process easier for the consumer, but what happens after you’ve made the sale? How do you get customers to stick around? On today’s show, we speak to Emily Schunior, customer experience specialist and owner of Arc Speed Strategies, a consultancy that helps tech firms nail their post-purchase delivery promises.

Emily had previously spent over 10 years at a tech firm developing their customer experience strategy from the ground up. There was so much fluid customer interaction between Emily’s team, and their customers that it really allowed her to customer build an experience that met all of the potential pain points.

At its core, building long-term, trusted relationships with customers comes down to being a problem solver. Emily says, “You have to have a really clear sense of ‘how is my customer’s life easier because of what I’m offering and providing?'” Once, you’ve done that, you need to be really attentive to the customer’s pain and evaluate how you might be stumbling on delivering that value promise.

Most new startups will inevitably have a few customer service stumbles along the way, and Emily recommends treating the situation with urgency. While it might be tempting to stick your head in the sand and let the issue blow over, if you are professional, confident, and poised, customers will react more positively, and their confidence in you will grow.

To find out more of Emily’s expert advice on the importance of post-purchase education, surveys, and success, be sure to watch our full interview above.

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