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How to Help Your Company’s Employees Perform Under Pressure

When deadlines are approaching at your company, you want to ensure that your team can handle the pressure and perform well. If your team can work under stress and meet their goals, your business can excel. Here are five ways to help your employees work under pressure:

Give Praise to Those Who Go Above and Beyond

perform under pressure If you expect your employees to work long hours and complete many projects, you need to provide motivation or else morale can drop quickly. Acknowledge those who are doing a stellar job or bring in a big client for the company. You also need to offer bonuses and promotions for your top performers. If a high-performing employee is not earning as much money compared to other businesses in the field, they may feel tempted to leave their role with you to join another business that will pay them more for less work. If you expect top performance from your team, you need to offer a competitive salary. 

Hire Employees That Do Well Under Pressure

Some people prefer to work under pressure. The time constraints help them perform well. If you are looking to hire resilient team members, talk to them during the interview about their previous work. Also, be honest about the work environment. If it can be hectic to work there at times, let them know upfront. If people are still interested in the position, you know that they are okay with a high-paced workplace. 

Provide Extra Time Off

If your employees are working long hours for a picky client, acknowledge their hard work. You can do this by offering a day or two off after the project is completed. What is important is that this time off is not counted against their contracted paid time off. If the office cannot stay closed for the extra days, allow the employees to work shorter hours for a week and pay them for the full time. 

De-Stress in the Office

perform under pressureProvide ways for the team to release some stress while they are working. Look into a wellness program, such as yoga during the lunch hour, to keep your employees healthy and relaxed. Some wellness programs can even lower insurance rates. You can also stock the break room or kitchen with healthy snacks to give the team good energy to get through the day. Some examples include cheese, fruits, and mixed nuts. 

Control Stress Levels

Evaluate your department and see where some pressure can be relieved. Are you setting realistic goals for your team, or are they consistently off-track? Do you defend your employees when approached by senior management? A team is only as good as their leader and if you can make their work environment more tolerable, they will work harder for you. 

In Conclusion

You want your employees to perform well under different types of challenges and situations. While some people thrive in a fast-paced environment, some are more laid-back and resistant to pressure. If you want your team to do well under pressure, be sure to give them outlets to relieve stress and reward them for their hard work. 

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