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What Type of Person Makes a Great Entrepreneur? Rand Fishkin, Author of Lost and Founder

Rand Fishkin made a name for himself in the world of SEO, but he cemented his legacy as a prolific tech entrepreneur by founding the two powerhouse ventures Moz and SparkToro. We caught up with Rand once again to discuss navigating the tricky world of startups, how to become business savvy, and many more lessons from his best-selling book, “Lost and Founder”.

entrepreneurRand says it is important for those who are looking to start their own business to find an area of business in which opportunity exists, they have a personal passion, or they have connections to customers or potential customers. One of the biggest reasons that businesses die in their early stages is because they are unable to acquire customers or are unable to gain customers profitably.

When asked about the qualities that a successful startup company or founder might possess, Rand responds that there are no exclusive qualities that entrepreneurs must have to be successful. “There isn’t one type of person who makes a great entrepreneur and another one who wouldn’t,” Rand says that just like any hobby or sport anyone who invests enough time and energy into something can become good at it.

To hear more from Rand check out the full interview above.

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