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How to Recognize and Overcome Common Challenges Entrepreneurs Face – Cory Mosley, Author of ‘Entrepreneurship Confidential’

There’s a plethora of important skills that entrepreneurs need to master in order to be successful in the long-term. Resilience in the face of hardships, building lucrative relationships, and having patience with others and yourself are all characteristics of high-achieving entrepreneurs. To discuss these skills in more detail, we recently welcomed back Cory Mosley, business growth coach, professional speaker, author, and founder of the Mosley Strategy Group. Cory Mosley has also released a new book titled ‘Entrepreneurship Confidential’.

EntrepreneurshipCory was inspired to write his new book by the challenges he endured while growing his own business. While there is a huge emphasis in the marketplace on marketing and client acquisition, a lot of entrepreneurs forget to deal with the mental battles that have to happen early on. In Cory’s book, Entrepreneurship Confidential, he outlines the realities of burnout, stress, mental and physical well-being, patience, and other adversities many entrepreneurs face during their careers. It is in this preparation that Cory believes entrepreneurs can get out ahead of these obstacles and thrive.

So many times, entrepreneurs are only focused on the business and un-knowingly neglect matters of mindset and matters of relationships. One of the mindsets that successful people in their field experience is imposter syndrome, which is the feeling of inadequacy despite evidence of consistent success. Mental health is also strongly focused on in the book as well as the benefits of persistence and grit.

To find out more about Cory and his latest book, Entrepreneurship Confidential, be sure to watch our entire interview above. You can also get your own copy here!

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