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Is it Time to Spring Clean Your Business? Tips for Better Organization in 2020

Organization is an important part of many areas of life. From the home-life to the workspace, being an organized person can have tremendous benefits. In today’s show, we sit down with Heather Rogers to discuss the tricks and benefits of organization within small businesses. Heather is the owner of Simply Organized, a professional organizing service that caters to businesses across the state.

organizationCluttered spaces are not just frequent within homes, but also within businesses as well. From crowded desks to entire offices, it’s not uncommon for people to let “things” crowd their lives to the point where they become unbearable. Heather is an advocate for organization because it positions people toward better and more productive lives. 

Physical organization is not the only area that Heather emphasizes within her business, but also organization within schedules. Time-blocking is one of the concepts that Heather emphasizes in order to live a more organized life. She states that it’s the little things that help the most. Blocking off an hour before and after appointments is ideal simply because it gives people time to prepare beforehand and rest afterwards prior to moving onto the next task on the calendar. Doing this also prevents negative emotions like stress and anxiety. I don’t think many people realize that the anxiety and stress that they’re feeling when they come home is due to that room that they do not deal with”, says Heather

To find out more about Heather Rogers and Simply Organized, be sure to watch the full interview above.

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