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Nine Ways to Add Video to Your Marketing Strategy

Videos are a great way to improve your marketing results. When you realize that YouTube is the second most powerful and influential search engine behind Google Search, then you know you need to add videos to your marketing strategy.

Here are nine (9) ways to add videos to your marketing strategy right now:

1) Share Announcements – A fabulous way to get started with video is to add exciting announcements to your blog using video. Announcements can be made quickly with your smartphone or webcam and the microphone that comes with your computer.

2) Add Customer Reviews/Testimonials – Ask your customers to make video testimonials or do product reviews for you. It’s a great way to add interesting content to your website, social media, and other networks.

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3) Add to Your Email Campaigns – You can actually embed videos into your emails with a play button or include a link to the video inside your email with a description of the video you want your subscribers to watch.

video to your marketing4) Show Demos – A great use of video is to demonstrate just about anything to your clients. Whether you have products or services, you can give them examples via video about how to do things such as how to format a blog post on WordPress, or how to bake a cake. It all depends on your niche.

5) Use in Your Trainings – Video is a great thing to use in training your employees, contractors, affiliates, and others. You can teach people how to do simple to complex things via video. It’s almost as good as being there in person.

6) To Show Interviews – Are there movers and shakers in your industry that you’d like to interview? Using Zoom or Google Hangouts On Air you can gather together a round table of experts, record it, edit it and use it in materials later.

7) To Cover an Event – Going to a live event? Capture video, put it together, add some annotations, music, and commentary, and you have a wonderful video to share with your audience.

8) To Add Interest to Your Blog – Text-based blogs can get a little boring. Adding in good pictures, and even a short video within the blog post can add a lot of interest, making it more likely that people will visit, comment and share. You can also add a video introduction to your website instead of the normal blog or home page.

9) To Use on Social Networks – Networks like Instagram Facebook and LinkedIn offer space to put up a video. Why not make a video introduction showing a short compilation of the type of work that you do to viewers who find you there.

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Finally, don’t forget to remember a call to action with all the videos. Whether your call to action is to like, share, vote, or buy, it’s imperative that you develop a way to leave your viewers with a clear idea of what they should do next.

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Dr. Felicia Phillips
Dr. Felicia Phillips
Dr. Felicia Phillips is known as the Business Expert for Women, provides coaching, strategy, and confidant services to women through her private consulting agency as well as her global organization, PPICW, Inc. Felicia's annual MogulCON conference attracts hundreds of women and is the premiere business experience for female entrepreneurs and executives. Daily she inspires more than 20,000+ followers across all of her social media platforms. As a successful entrepreneur for more than 25 years, Felicia is focused on using her experience to assist entrepreneurs with manifesting their vision and become thought leaders in their industry.

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