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How these serial entrepreneurs are ‘turning nothing into something’ — Samantha & Brian Rose | Mvnifest

Do you have an excellent idea for a product but don’t know where to begin or how to execute it? On today’s The Small Business Show, we’re joined by Samantha and Brian Rose, Founders of Mvnifest, to tell us how they help companies bring their vision to life. They’re the experts in sourcing, manufacturing, and fulfillment and have been featured in Good Morning America, The New York Times, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and CNN–to name a few.  

Humble Beginnings

Before launching Mvnifest, Samantha and Brian Rose founded and ran the consumer goods brand GIR, Get It Right, for over ten years. Throughout GIR, they got a robust education in product design, sourcing, manufacturing, creative, marketing, sales, customer service, and fulfillment—every milestone from concept to market. When GIR was acquired in 2021, they began helping other businesses do what they had done: manifest everything.

Mvnifest, a play on words for the shipping and logistics industry, is about turning nothing into something and creating something out of nothing. Since they opened a fulfillment center when a friend in the industry wanted assistance growing and getting guidance for their enterprise, their organization now helps other businesses advance and avoid unforeseen faults. 


For instance, people may try to discourage you from starting a business or minimize your idea. But “Crowdfunding is a terrific approach to provide an entry platform into validation. When you’re not committing to a large purchase order or making a major business decision, you can assemble a brand and a story,” Samantha explains. She adds, “If you can tell your story credibility to strangers and have strangers share money as a form of validation, then that’s a really good indicator for your idea to be worth pursuing your idea.” 

For future or current entrepreneurs, Samantha claims she’s a big and whole-picture enthusiast. But a part of that falls into setting aside a business plan. “Look at the whole picture from the idea to where you want to go and imagine yourself two, five, and ten years from now- whether you get there or not, having a vision of the brand beyond the first product is fundamental to grow.” 

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