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How the SBDC Helped This Entrepreneur Scale Her Senior Living and Care Business – Mark Collier & Stephanie Fiber-Sutton

Stephanie Fiber-Sutton, CEO at Senior Advisory Services, joins the Atlanta Small Business Network along with Mark Collier, Business Consultant at UGA SBDC. Stephanie tells us about her company and how she got started and together they discuss the close relationship that their two businesses hold and how the UGA Small Business Development Center helps Stephanie to grow and improve her company.

Senior Advisory ServicesStephanie has worked in senior housing care for almost 20 years, beginning her career in high school as a server in a retirement community in their dining room. Throughout the years she furthered her career through sales and eventually moved to operations in retirement assisted living communities.

She tells ASBN how scared she was to take the leap from her position at her larger company to go and start her own business, but for her, it was about finding a sense of purpose and personal gratification of what she’s doing every day. Now after 3 years of being in business and four employees she says she has found that sense of purpose.

Senior Advisory ServicesAdditionally, she says that when she connected with Mark and his company she was at a point in which she was looking to scale her business and UGA SBDC has done a great job in providing that guidance of scaling. When working with the SBCD you have consultants available to you in every area you can think of, so whenever you have a question you can simply pick up the phone and call any of the consultants for absolutely no cost.

When asked about how she makes her company stand out to some of her larger competitors she says that there are many advantages to working with a smaller company and being more of a boutique operation. Choosing senior living is a very overwhelming process, and we are able to provide that guidance and that personalized tough by giving customers a reference point, and we will help narrow down those options to find the best place for you.

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