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Gate City Brewing Founders Discuss the Rewards and Challenges of Bootstrapping Their Brewery


Craft beer is a booming industry nationwide, and over the past few years, Atlanta is building its reputation as a must-visit beer town in the southeast. On today’s episode of the Atlanta Small Business Show, host Jim Fitzpatrick is on location at Gate City Brewing Company in beautiful historic Roswell with Co-founders Pat Rains and Brian Borngesser, to find out what it takes to build a brewery from the ground up.

Before Pat and Brian teamed up to create Gate City Brewing, they were both avid homebrewers. They would create unique recipes and make small batches, for personal, non-commercial consumption. As it turned out, the pair had a knack for brewing and decided to take a leap of faith and scale up their production. In the early phases of the brewery, both Brian and Pat worked full-time jobs as well to finance a lot of the equipment and lease. They bootstrapped their way to success, and eventually got investors to come on board as well.

For all of the aspiring entrepreneurs out there, Brian’s advice is to be confident in your decision making and follow through once you’ve made up your mind. Pat agrees and adds that business owners need to be true to themselves, and have belief in their vision. They also need to be committed and be willing to put in the hard work.

To find out more about Pat, Brian, and Gate City Brewing, be sure to watch the full interview above. And for even more great interviews with other local breweries, click here.

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