Small BusinessSmall Business NewsWhat SMBs need to know about LinkedIn's new AI tools

What SMBs need to know about LinkedIn’s new AI tools

LinkedIn unveiled a slew of new AI features across its job-hunting, marketing, and sales tools to stay ahead of the business realm’s issues while keeping its nearly 1 billion users engaged on its platform. They include a significant update to its Recruiter talent sourcing platform, with AI assistance built into it throughout, an AI-powered LinkedIn Learning coach, and a new AI-powered tool for marketing campaigns.

The social platform has gradually integrated various AI-based capabilities into its product line. Among these, in March, it unveiled AI-powered writing recommendations for those using the site to compose messages to other users. Additionally, this year has seen several tests using AI-generated job descriptions and other features, which recruiters have also noticed. 

LinkedIn isn’t exactly a rookie in the AI arena. In actuality, it has made extensive use of artificial intelligence over time. Lead AI developer Deepak Agarwal stated 2018 that “AI powers everything at LinkedIn in one way or another.” 

Due mainly to the developments of OpenAI and the creation of services like ChatGPT, which allowed regular people to directly experience how to use a computer brain to complete tasks faster than they could have previously attempted to accomplish themselves, AI has become a mainstream interest.

Microsoft, which invested $13 billion in OpenAI earlier this year, owns 49% of the company. That highly strategic investment has seen Microsoft integrate OpenAI technology into several products. Erran Berger, vice president of engineering, says that although the business will continue to assess the technology it employs and if it will develop its Large Language Models and other AI products, for the time being,

The new tools:

According to LinkedIn, Recruiter 2024 is a new AI-assisted recruiting experience. It will use generative AI to assist recruitment specialists in developing better search terms to surface more robust candidate lists.

The coach may recommend specific courses, but more significantly, it will also give consumers information and advice. LinkedIn provides a massive library of training videos covering these soft skills, technical abilities, and other knowledge required for particular careers. It will be fascinating to see whether LinkedIn also expands the coach’s responsibilities to include them.

Additionally, marketing will benefit from AI, particularly from a brand-new item called Accelerate. Users may find the impact of the new technology to be restricted, given that marketing initiatives often span several platforms and audiences.

Lastly, AI is applied to inside sales and general selling to B2B audiences. Sales professionals specializing in B2B selling utilize LinkedIn in this relatively new way to locate new clients or establish closer relationships with those in their networks.

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Jaelyn Campbell
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