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How to find holistic success in 12 steps – Rick Hale | KW Heart of ATL Group

Real estate can be defined as property consisting of land, buildings, and all of its natural resources, including wild animals, minerals, water, and agricultural growth. On today’s episode of The Roadmap, Lee Heisman is joined by Rick Hale, Chief Energy, and Educating Officer at the Keller Williams Realty Heart of Atlanta Group. Hale discussed his newest novel, Stop Settling: Finding Clear Directions For a Regret-Free Life. 

Rick Hale provides strategies to help individuals focus on the things that are really important in life and find inspiration for living a meaningful life within his book. In addition to encouraging us to quit settling for anything less, he recounts his convoluted path to success, fulfillment, and fulfilling relationships.

Key Takeaways:

1. Entering the Real estate sector, Hale encourages people to examine their core genesis: their values, the skills they bring, their energy, passions, and mindset. 

2. Most people underestimate what it means to succeed in the real estate industry and overestimate how fast they can make money. Hales asserts, “Too many of us spend time invested in things that don’t lead us to an elevated version of ourselves.”

3. 80% of the people in the industry fail within the first two years. 

4. One of the biggest mistakes people make is believing real estate will come quickly and easily. However, the industry is a full-time job and requires 100% commitment. 

5. Hale believes your subconscious mind does two things:

  1. Inspire you to reproduce humanity moving forward. 
  2. And help you confirm the “Who, what, when, where,” riddles of how the world exists. 

6. Although his book was initially intended to be a letter to his kids, providing an accurate account of his life for the following five generations, it also instructs readers on holistically achieving success. The first half of covers his life, and the second half is an operation manual for building the perfect “You” five years from now inside the 12 steps to living a regret-free life. 

7. Setting unattainable goals will ultimately lead you to a path of disappointment. Yet, Hale outlines the strategic ways to ensure you live a regret-free life.

"How you define and label things dictate your future." – Rick Hale

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