How CEO Nicole Armstrong is empowering women business leaders

Welcome to another episode of The Roadmap with host Ted Jenkin, on ASBN, where we bring inspiring stories of entrepreneurship and leadership. Today, we are thrilled to introduce Nicole Armstrong, CEO of the innovative initiative known as the Wellth House. With a background rooted in technology and a passion for empowering women leaders, Armstrong’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of combining technology with community support.

Through the Wellth House, Armstrong has created a sanctuary where women can shed societal expectations and find guidance, empowerment, and a sense of belonging. Join us as we delve into her journey, her vision for the Wellth House, and her insights into entrepreneurship and leadership.

Key Takeaways

1. Armstrong’s journey with technology began at a young age when her father gifted her a computer and an essential programming book. This early exposure ignited her passion for coding and technology, setting the trajectory for her career.

2. Learning to code empowered Armstrong to realize her creative potential and problem-solving abilities. She emphasizes the importance of STEM education, especially for young girls, as it enables them to tackle complex problems and believe in their capabilities.

3. The concept of the Wellth House originated from Armstrong’s desire to create a supportive community for women leaders. It serves as a sanctuary where women can shed their “superhero” personas and find support, guidance, and empowerment.

4. Moreover, the Wellth House operates on a membership model, offering various wellness and wealth-focused programs. Members can access various activities, including yoga, mindfulness sessions, wealth advisory sessions, and group discussions led by experts.

5. Armstrong envisions expanding the Wellth House concept beyond Atlanta, with plans for both city and country club locations. While considering franchising and corporate ownership models, she aims to maintain the exclusivity and supportive atmosphere of the community.

The quickest way to success is you have to fail. Every time you fail, just know that's one step closer to being successful in your business." – Nicole Armstrong

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