Why now is the perfect time to seize the moment and start a small business – Ellie Diop

In today’s dynamic market, aspiring entrepreneurs are greeted with abundant opportunities waiting to be seized. With such a landscape, there’s no better moment than now to embark on the entrepreneurial journey. Joining us on the latest episode of The Small Business Show is Ellie Diop, author, Founder of Ellie Talks Money, and CEO and Founder of Ellievated Academy. Diop shares invaluable insights on initiating your business venture, highlighting the suitable timing and essential do’s and don’ts for success.

Key Takeaways 

1. There’s no question that 2024 presents significant opportunities for entrepreneurs, especially in the digital space. The aftermath of COVID-19 has shown that starting and running businesses is viable, particularly with the growing influence of social media as a tool for business growth.

2. It’s important to be well-informed about business regulations and practices, including tax requirements, necessary documentation, and adherence to new regulations like filing LLC forms. Additionally, the discussion highlights the necessity of reporting earnings from digital platforms such as Cash App and PayPal.

3. In today’s digital landscape, the interview underscores the pivotal role of social media platforms, with a particular emphasis on TikTok, as a catalyst for organic growth and engaging content creation strategies. Diop delves into the transformative impact of leveraging TikTok’s expansive reach to cultivate a dedicated audience base and amplify brand visibility. Moreover, she sheds light on innovative tools like Mini Chat, renowned for its ingenious auto-comment functionality. It seamlessly facilitates interactive engagement with prospective customers, ultimately driving conversions and bolstering sales.

4. Diop also emphasizes the importance of patience and persistence in business endeavors. Success often comes with time and consistent effort, as demonstrated by the interviewee’s journey from starting with a $15 product to eventually achieving significant financial growth.

5. Personal motivation, in this case, the interviewee’s commitment to her children, serves as a driving force to overcome challenges and persist in business endeavors. The interview encourages entrepreneurs not to give up prematurely and to explore their business ideas in the current market landscape.

"Don't count yourself out so soon. You don't know what can come if you just keep your foot on the gas a little bit longer." – Ellie Diop

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