From intern to entrepreneur: The inspiring journey of Gabrielle Mills – President and Founder of Sourced

Welcome to another episode of The Roadmap with host Lee Heisman. Today, we’re joined by Gabrielle Mills, CEO and co-founder of Sourced, who transitioned from an intern at a major hotel group to launching her own business from her mother’s basement. In this episode, Mills shares her journey of leaving the corporate world, the dynamics of partnering with family, and the strategic growth of Sourced. 

Key Takeaways 

1. Mills’ career journey started with an internship at IHG, a time when she was uncertain about her professional path. However, her internship experiences served as a compass, guiding her away from the corporate world and towards her true passion-entrepreneurship. This realization underscores the importance of understanding what one doesn’t want to do, as it can lead to the discovery of one’s true calling.

2. Additionally, Mills’ career path reflects a personal journey of success and discovering her true interests. Her business venture with her mother reflects how personal relationships and professional ambitions can intertwine to create new entrepreneurial opportunities.

3. Moreover, Mills openly discusses the challenges she encountered in the early stages of their business, particularly with staffing and quality control. Their initial business model, which involved a simple client-service provider matching system, led to quality issues. This candid conversation about the realities of entrepreneurship serves as a valuable lesson, helping listeners understand the potential hurdles they may face and the importance of adapting their strategies.

4. Throughout the narrative, the strong partnership with her mother is a recurring theme. Mills describes how she moved back to her mother’s basement to reduce expenses, highlighting the practical and emotional support crucial for early-stage entrepreneurs. This dynamic also illustrates how family relationships can provide a foundation for business development and resilience.

5. Looking ahead, Mills envisions Sourced becoming a household name and a significant player in the business service industry. Their strategy shift towards growth through acquisitions reflects a maturation in their business approach, aiming to expand capabilities and reach through strategic partnerships and mergers.

"Everything you think you know, throw it out the window. You have to start from scratch. Small business is nothing like corporate business, not even close." – Gabrielle Mills

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