Transform your sales game with ‘neuro-selling’ – Jeff Bloomfield | Braintrust

On today’s episode of The Small Business Show, we’re exploring a fascinating sales strategy known as “neuro-selling.” Joining us to discuss this topic further is Jeff Bloomfield, Author, speaker, and Founder and CEO of Braintrust

Key Takeaways 

1. Bloomfield noted that he began his small business career when he worked on a farm when he was younger. He emphasizes the values and skills he learned from his grandfather, which significantly shaped his approach to business and communication. This personal story underlines the importance of drawing lessons from one’s background and experiences to succeed in business.

2. Additionally, Bloomfield introduced the idea of neuro-selling, which involves applying neuroscience and behavioral psychology to improve sales and communication strategies. This approach is contrasted with traditional sales techniques, highlighting the importance of understanding how the human brain processes information to make communication more effective and customer-centric.

3. A significant part of the discussion revolves around the importance of deeply understanding customers and communicating in a way that aligns with their needs and decision-making processes. Bloomberg also advocates for a shift from a transactional to a consultative approach in sales, emphasizing empathy and customer service.

4. For example, Bloomfield touhed on a small business that significantly benefited from applying neuro-selling principles. This company showcases the potential transformative impact of these strategies on growth and success, emphasizing the scalability and relevance of neuro-selling across different business sizes and sectors.

5. Furthermore, Blomfield discusses the evolution of neuro-selling and the role of technology, particularly AI, in shaping the future of sales and business operations. He emphasizes the potential of AI to enhance customer understanding and streamline processes, urging small businesses to leverage new technologies while maintaining effective communication as the core of business growth.

"Switch your mindset from selling to serving by solving. This purpose-driven mission will attract customers by the droves." - Jeff Bloomfield

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