Small Business ShowsThe Small Business Show3 business tips for building a robust personal brand – Catherine Kaputa

3 business tips for building a robust personal brand – Catherine Kaputa

Branding is not just a concept reserved for businesses; it’s how individuals present themselves to the world. The latest episode on The Small Business Show discusses how a company’s brand is a powerful tool to grow its business. Joining us is Catherine Kaputa, Personal Branding Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Award-winning author, and Founder of

Since starting New York’s struggle, Kaputa has led the well-known “I Love New York” campaign. She mentioned that, despite their best efforts, her team could not secure President Ford’s assistance. It wasn’t until they spent money on branding research that they focused on New York nightlife. They quickly discovered the locals’ problems and preferences, such as their deep affinity for Broadway, which contributed to what made New York unique. As a result, they went out and obtained well-known Broadway singers to express their love for New York, and now the campaign has spread throughout the entire state. Kaputa is also recognized as one of the Top 30 Global Branding Gurus.

Key Takeaways:

1. The critical component of branding is a company’s unique selling proposition or USP. For instance, having a high production value for the television ads was one of Kaputa’s team’s strategies to develop a strong USP brand. 

2. Kaputa asserts, “Your brand is a reputation – it’s like having a meaningful, relevant, valued presence standing for something.” If you can control your personal narrative of how others perceive you before they have the opportunity to build it for you, “Can be very powerful,” says Kaputa.

3. Personal branding is all about being unique and standing for something meaningful. Many people attempt to be everything to everyone, yet being a jack of all trades is not beneficial. You can boost your brand’s reputation and establish yourself as an expert if you can concentrate on just one area of expertise.

4. Kaputa recommends the following three actions for entrepreneurs who wish to work on their brand, whether for their company or themselves:

    1. Analyze to find your brand idea.
    2. Package your brand.
    3. Marketing your brand. 

5. In the business world, marketing research is the first step towards identifying your brand. It involves specifying your business’s values, competitive advantage, and brand’s personality. She believes, “It is never too late to brand yourself with the aid of social media.” 

6. To learn more about how to maximize your personal brand, pick up Kaputa’s newest novel.: The New Brand You: How to Wow in the New World of Work, available now.

“It's crucial to brand yourself as well as your business since, in the absence of your own branding, others will do it for you.” – Catherine Kaputa

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