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What is responsible review management and why does it matter for SMBs?

There is a wide array of different factors to consider when you are opening up your own business. Since you are starting from scratch, the reputation of your business is very important. 

Although this factor is important for every business that wishes to increase its reach and capture the majority of the market, the need to manage a positive reputation is something that is especially important in the case of small businesses. 

This is primarily due to the fact that, since the business is just starting out, it has not yet developed a loyal customer base and is just starting to grow in the market. 

Due to this, their perception in the court of public opinion must be positive in order to capture a wider range of audience. 

There are many routes a small-scale business can take to improve its reputation in the market. However, one of the most effective strategies is to provide a great customer experience that can result in positive reviews for your business, and this is where reputation management comes into play.

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Let us discuss this in a bit of detail, understanding the concept behind reputation management, and highlighting some of the reasons why reputation and review management is such an essential element of establishing any business. 

A deeper look into review management 

As discussed earlier, establishing a positive online reputation is essential not only to attract a wider range of audience but to retain your regular customers as well, and there is no better way to do that than to amass favorable reviews for your business. 

If a large business such as Nike or Adidas is targeted as being in the center of a negative event that can cause significant damage to their reputation, they have no need to worry about it as much due to the fame and the customer base they have gathered throughout the globe. 

However, every single customer is vital for a small business because they are starting out in the market, and they have not as of yet established their trustworthiness and solidified their reputation in the market. 

Due to these reasons, reputation management is very important for them, as these businesses need to ensure that they stay on top of this matter and have a positive reputation that can guarantee positive reviews in the market. 

What is review management?

The reason why a positive review is considered to be such a drive to attract newer audiences is primarily because of the fact that it is able to influence your audience on the authenticity of the service or the product that you provide. 

In addition to that, good reviews also encourage customer engagement as well, helping set the expectations of your customers in a suitable manner. 

Furthermore, it is these reviews that provide them with the necessary guidance needed to promote the decision to invest in your product, assuring them of the trustworthiness of your product. 

Speaking of positive reviews, the main purpose of review management, also known as online reputation management, is to take the customer feedback and the reviews they put into account and use them to gradually improve the quality and quantity of the reviews you receive. 

Furthermore, efficient reputation and review management can also help in a strong online presence for your business early on that is more sales-focused, promoting increased investments, resulting in increased revenue for your business, and the best way to do that is the integration of an online review management system.  

Many businesses do not normally pay attention to the concept of review management and the services and software surrounding them. 

However, small businesses need to understand adopting review management services is essential to expand their reach, primarily due to the fact that reviews are something that covers various platforms. 

Be it eCommerce marketplaces or separate forums based on reviews, efficient review management can help establish a strong presence on a considerable number of review sites. 

Furthermore, another benefit of availing of online review management services is that it can help you stay on top of your reviews, developing an online review strategy that can be significantly beneficial to you in the long run. 

Importance of review management

Boosts credibility and trust

Business reviews are something that matters a lot when it comes to the credibility of the product or services your business provides.  

This is mainly because of the fact that if a consumer stumbles upon your business, and even though the products that you offer are top of the line, if there are no positive reviews to show for it, consumers will generally hesitate or avoid investing in that product. 

This is due to the fact that the absence of social proof raises doubts in the minds of the customers, creating thoughts in their heads that indicate the fact that the business might not be trustworthy, and it may turn out to be a scam. 

However, efficient review management services help you establish a strong online presence, and the presence of positive online reviews helps potential customers trust your business. 

Generating a trusting relationship with your customers is what creates a risk-free and enjoyable buying environment for them. 

This encouraging atmosphere, paired with responsible review management, brings in more positive reviews, resulting in a healthy cycle that builds your online presence. 

Generates leads 

Establishing a strong positive online reputation in the market not results in a healthy relationship with your customers but can also result in boosting your overall sales and increasing the overall revenue as well. 

How it works is that one of the most notable benefits of gathering reviews is an increase in your Google rankings. This increase in rankings, in turn, results in your website rising on top of the search engine, resulting in increased web traffic. 

However, the great thing about this is that this rise in rankings is not solely related to positive reviews. Even if you have a few negative reviews, they would also serve as a contribution to your website ranking on the search engine, and due to the extended reach of Google, this has many other benefits as well. 

One great benefit of being on top of the search results is that only will this bring your site to the top of the engine, but the Google maps application is also more likely to display your business at the top of the list, attracting more potential consumers. 

Therefore, it is because of these reasons that effective review management is known to be one of the most cheapest and effective marketing tools that a business can utilize to promote itself. 

Saves cost on traditional marketing methods

Further extending on the point mentioned earlier, review management and garnering positive reviews are much cheaper than those other methods of marketing due to a few reasons. 

One important reason for this is that these reviews are mainly user-generated content, and because they are written by a consumer that has used the product that is offered by your business, they are the most authentic source of information on them. 

When showing up at a high spot on the search engine rankings due to customer reviews, the effectiveness user-generated content can have on your web traffic and sales is much stronger than that of the content generated by your business. 

Furthermore, gathering positive reviews can display the same effect as integrating search engine optimization on your website, which can also help you save money on paid advertisements as well. 

Sure, you will most probably have to pay a monthly subscription fee when availing of review management services, but the return on investment in this case far outweighs that fee. 

Speaks directly to the consumer 

Not just the positive ones, but the presence of all reviews is a vital element for your business’s economic and success-related growth. 

The reason why every small business should understand that negative reviews are also invaluable for business growth is that they can use them as feedback in order to improve on certain aspects that the business owner might not have noticed. 

In addition to contributing to your online reputation, another use of reviews is that they provide you with another perspective on certain elements of your company, helping you understand things about your product that you might not have accounted for. 

Due to this, it is important to keep an open mind and work on customer feedback, and combined with effective review management; this could rake in a great number of positive reviews. 


This was simply a condensed guide that touched on some of the important aspects of review management and informed the significance of responsible management services and their impact on small businesses. 

Due to the advancements in technology, the internet has progressed into a platform where almost the entire globe is present, making the establishment of a strong online reputation through review management essential for growth in the future.

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Brandi Marcene
Brandi Marcene
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