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Rebranding your business? Here are the essentials you need to know — Bill Harper

Recently, the household brand Johnson & Johnson updated their logo. With the rebranding of the new logo following the announcement, the organization entered its “next” era, showcasing its combined strength in healthcare.

On the latest episode of The Small Business Show, though, we’re discussing the significance of a brand’s identity and logo. We’re pleased to welcome Bill Harper, the CEO and Chief Creative Officer of BrandBoss HQ. Haper will dive deep into his perspective on how changing your brand’s identity can be, for the better or worse. 

Key Takeaways:

1. Harper was shocked by the recent changes made to the historic brand, and he realized he wasn’t alone when he shared his concerns on social media. With regard to his interpretation of the logo originating from an actual signature placed on one of the first checks, Harper’s TikTok video garnered a lot of attention.

2. Harper concluded that “it’s a debranding move that has been happening where someone took a household name and turned it around to make it seem like anyone could have done it.” 

3. While a brand is so much more than its logo, a logo is the mark that makes the brand recognizable. However, when brands change, most of the time, they will change the logo based on wanting something new. For example, when Tropicana changed its logo from the orange in the straw, it lost billions because the basic branding turned consumers away. 

4. Companies that alter their logos while remaining in the same industry typically see more success. For example, when Dunkin Donuts changed to just Dunkin, their products remained the same, but their logo was condensed to make it easier to rebrand.

5. Furthermore, when you look at the evolution of Starbucks and Apple, they have consistently shortened their logos due to the principle of: “the simpler, the better.”

6. Harper advises small businesses that if they want to rebrand:

  1. Ensure you are doing it for a good reason. 
  2. Instead of making drastic changes, try to make evolutionary ones. According to Harper, “there is a delicate balance to ensure everything is working how you want it to in order to comply with your company’s values.” 
“Logos are the most emotional internal decision that companies can make." – Bill Harper.

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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