Steps to success for first-time entrepreneurs with Ursula Mentjes

On this episode of The Small Business Show, Ursula Mentjes discusses how first-time entrepreneurs can drive success for their startups

First-time entrepreneurs are often overwhelmed by the number of critical decisions they must make when launching and scaling their new business. But the process behind creating a successful startup is far more simple than many think.

On this episode of The Small Business Show, host Shyann Malone is joined by Ursula Mentjes, business strategist, serial entrepreneur, sales expert, host of the “Quantum Revenue Expansion” podcast, and author of “UpLevel Now” and “The Belief Zone.” Mentjes has helped first-time entrepreneurs from all walks of life learn invaluable sales and leadership skills, allowing them to achieve success despite their lack of experience. Now, she shares her simple formula for starting and managing a new business.

Key Takeaways

1. Mentjes emphasizes the importance of implementing a clear revenue goal and developing a plan to achieve it. Entrepreneurs can do both by first setting a realistic earnings objective and then using that target to reverse engineer their growth strategy.

2. Mentjes urges first-time entrepreneurs to release limiting beliefs that may hinder their ability to grow their business. The misconception that doubling business means doubling the workload is especially widespread and often results in inefficient business management processes.

3. Entrepreneurs must commit fully to their growth goals. Making a firm decision to accomplish something creates the foundation for strategies to develop naturally.

4. Consistent marketing and sales conversations are essential to a small business’s success. First-time entrepreneurs are advised to develop at least three connected marketing strategies and to focus their early efforts on building sales conversations that genuinely connect with potential clients.

5. Common mistakes, such as not hiring enough employees or trying to do everything alone, can quickly undermine a new business. Mentjes notes that hiring can start small and grow as the operation does. This not only helps in scaling the business but also ensures that first-time entrepreneurs can focus on core activities and strategic growth.

6. Mentjes is offering viewers a free guide to start and scale their new businesses! Read her article at the link here.

"I've been blessed by a lot of great coaches, and some of the best advice that I ever got that I followed was to remember that the opportunities you have open at your company are actually someone's dream job." — Ursula Mentjes

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