Salesforce combines AI, data, and CRM in new Marketing Cloud edition

Salesforce's new Marketing Cloud edition combines AI, first-party data, and CRM to help entrepreneurs tailor content to their audiences

Salesforce's new Marketing Cloud edition combines AI, first-party data, and CRM to help entrepreneurs tailor content to their audiences.

Salesforce is launching a new version of Marketing Cloud it says will connect the dots between customer relations management (CRM) software, artificial intelligence (AI) tools, and first-party data to give small business clients a much-needed advantage.

The new Marketing Cloud Growth is a marketing automation platform connected to Salesforce’s Einstein 1 CRM software and first-party data service Data Cloud, the latter of which the company is now offering for free with select plans.

Generative AI is used by many small business owners to automate tasks ranging from writing social media posts to data analysis. However, without access to a company’s data, most AI platforms are unable to create content tailored to a brand’s unique audiences.

Salesforce created Marketing Cloud Growth to ensure entrepreneurs can leverage their customer data to design AI-generated content that meets their specific needs. As Steve Hammond, executive vice president and general manager of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, explained: “By bringing CRM, AI, and data together in one place, these innovations empower businesses to deliver the compelling connected experiences customers expect.”

Marketing Cloud Growth is the latest in a series of platforms produced by industry-leading companies intended to help small business clients increase growth through technologies such as AI. Earlier this week, GoDaddy launched a generative AI service called Airo, which primarily designs website content for entrepreneurs who purchase a domain through its registry. Over the last year, e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Shopify have released similar products targeted toward digital retailers who sell through their platforms.

While small business owners are hardly starved for choice when it comes to AI, not every platform is suited for every firm. Furthermore, companies may use their client’s data to further their own goals. Choosing the right option is necessary to drive growth, which is why entrepreneurs should carefully weigh the pros and cons before committing to an AI service from a larger firm, especially those who restrict services to customers already paying to use their platform.

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