Equalizing opportunities for Black women entrepreneurs — Aisha Taylor Issah | Sistahs in Business Expo

Aisha Taylor Issah joins The Small Business Show to discuss the Sistahs in Business Expo, an event empowering Black women entrepreneurs

Black women continue to join the entrepreneurial community on a daily basis, achieving success as the business world slowly becomes more diverse and inclusive. Unfortunately, many challenges still face this critically underserved demographic, which is why it is vital to recognize the individuals and organizations raising awareness and providing solutions.

On this episode of The Small Business Show, host Shyann Malone is joined by Aisha Taylor Issah, founder and CEO of the Sistahs in Business Expo, a convention connecting Black women to networking opportunities, educational resources, and business funding. Issah shares her personal story of success and how her brand is empowering and celebrating entrepreneurs of Color across the U.S.

Key Takeaways

1. The Sistahs in Business Expo is the only multi-city small business expo and community designed specifically to celebrate and educate Black women entrepreneurs. The event seeks to empower and recognize Black women in the entrepreneurial space, providing critical support to this underserved community.

2. This initiative addresses critical gaps such as access to promotion, education, and networking for underserved entrepreneurs. The expo, along with Sistahs in Business University, provides resources, education, and financial support to help these individuals grow and succeed.

3. The creation of The Sistah Shop as a retail and e-commerce destination for Black women-owned brands addresses the challenge of accessing retail shelves. This part of the brand acts as a sanctuary for sisterhood, providing a tangible space for diverse entrepreneurs to showcase and sell their products, thereby facilitating growth and visibility.

4. Black women entrepreneurs face many challenges, such as access to capital, which is a significant barrier for many Black women entrepreneurs. Through initiatives like pitch competitions and grant programs, the Sistahs in Business Expo aims to mitigate these challenges, illustrating the importance of resilience and community support in overcoming obstacles.

5. Issah’s personal journey from a traditional job path to entrepreneurship serves as an inspiration. Small business success can find individuals in unexpected ways and is achievable with persistence and dedication.

6. The Sistahs in Business Expo’s next date is Saturday, April 20, in Newark, New Jersey. Follow this link to learn more.

"Entrepreneurship is not easy. I never sugarcoat that, and I'm always crystal clear about that, but it is possible. I think it's so important that—when you're looking to start a business—that you remember your why. Why did you start? What motivated you?...There will be a lot of distractions; there will be a lot of disappointments. But if you remember why you started, that will be the motivation you need to keep going." — Aisha Taylor Issah

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