Leveraging social media to boost your brand’s marketing strategy— Mitch Joel

As a small to medium business, are you struggling to figure out the best social platforms for marketing and advertising?  On today’s The Small Business Show, we’re joined by Mitch Joel, Speaker and Author of “Six Pixels to Separation” and “CTRL Atl Delete.” 

Joel’s journey begins like most- intrigued with technology. In part, he helped one of the first advertisement channels before Google existed. He then transitioned his career to mobile content. Which, at the time, was in a world where interoperability between text messages didn’t exist. Joel explains, “If your phone provider was Sprint, then you couldn’t text someone with T-Mobile.” Then, in 2000, he started a digital marketing agency, Twist Image. But, while developing his agency, Joel launched a blog and a podcast called “Six Pixels of Separation.” The podcast debuted in the early days of social media when Joel started speaking publicly, published two books, and developed another firm, Thinkers One. Where Joel enables companies to purchase customized, bite-sized thought leadership from the world’s top thinkers who use digital media to foster stronger connections. 

Social media

"I think social media works for some, not for all."

Joel claims that social media has developed into a mature connected means of communication. The number of platforms has increased so that you can better utilize text, video, images, and audio to highlight your brand’s personality. Joel says, “Social media is changing the way advertisements connect with targeted audiences,” asserts Joel. Additionally, Mitch expresses how, when choosing the best platform for your brand’s advertising, “It depends on the business and market.” Ultimately, it comes down to what your brand is best at creating- Is it text, Image, video, audio, or what content are you comfortable creating?  

Mitch adds, “I wouldn’t choose a platform based on its popularity, but where your content can make its mark.” Moreover, it’s important to note that advertisement stems from the foundations of Marketing 101- the four Ps.

  1. Product
  2. Price
  3. Promotion
  4. Place

“We have overweighed the importance of advertising in the general marketing world for several years,” says Joel. With that, asserts Joel, “Advertising falls under the promotion category.” However, the truth is that if you’re a small business owner, your time is your commodity, and you have to ensure you’re putting the right resources and effort into your ad strategy.