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Unleash marketing magic with surrealist ad campaigns

The advertising landscape is inundated with various marketing noises, forcing users to scroll through the number of ho-hum ads thoughtlessly. This has caused a new breed of marketing technique, “Surrealism Marketing,” to evolve, surpassing all the conventional techniques and striving to captivate consumer intention.

This article will touch upon this new secret yet bizarre weapon that many big names are wielding to conquer their niche market. It will also shed light on how small business owners can defy the norms with this marketing strategy and echo through their audience’s minds for years to come.

What Is Surrealism in Marketing?

Surrealist techniques in marketing entail incorporating bizarre or fantastical aspects into campaigns or offerings to make them more interesting and stand out to consumers.

Marketers use surrealist art as a model for blending truth and fantasy to create content that is both engaging and memorable. Surrealist ad campaigns can help brands stand out from the crowd by appealing to consumers’ imaginations and breaking the mold of conventional advertising.

Benefits of Surreal Marketing

By adopting this unconventional approach, businesses can leverage Surreal Marketing and change their organization’s bottom line. Here are the few benefits they can reap:

  1. Improve Brand Visibility

Surreal ads have a tendency to grab the audience’s attention and evoke powerful reactions from them. When people interact with these ads, they often share them with others, which helps to broaden the audience and increase brand visibility.

  1. Increase Customer Engagement

Since customers are curious to decipher the meaning of the advertisement, they are more likely to engage with your content frequently. This heightened the brand’s interaction rate, fostering a genuine connection with its audience.

  1. Viral Potential

Amongst all conventional marketing advertisements, surreal ads are more likely to go on a viral rampage. As it comes across more influx of users, it exponentially elevates the brand exposure and takes the brand to the top.

Examples of Bizarre Surrealist Ad Campaigns and Products

  1. Strange Polo from Volkswagen

Volkswagen didn’t simply develop bizarre commercials to promote the Polo Bluemotion’s fuel efficiency. Two print advertisements were created that riffed on well-known surrealist works. In one promotion, Dali’s molten clocks from “Persistence of Memory” were replaced with a gasoline gauge. Another person gave Magritte’s “Man in the Bowler Hat” to serve customers at a petrol station.

  1. Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the most well-known video game characters worldwide. Despite Sonic’s existing sizable fan base, its marketing team is always exploring new avenues to attract fresh eyeballs to the games and movies they’ve put out in the last several years.

Their social media accounts include outlandish advertisements, including parodies of famous people from the past. One of the numerous Tweets included a TV show villain who was seen sitting at a hair salon and requesting a Teddy Roosevelt-style haircut.

  1. Lifebuoy’s Kitten Croissants

Based on the slogan “You eat what you touch,” Lifebuoy released a series of print advertisements reminding folks to wash their hands before eating. In one advertisement, a kitten’s head and body were digitally reconstructed to resemble a croissant. The photos placed in surrealistic settings are impactful and effectively convey the intended message. They also evoke an emotional response from viewers, particularly the cat’s owners.

How Small Business Owners Can Find Astonishing Success With Surreal Marketing

Surreal marketing is an untapped territory that small business owners should leverage to create imaginative and unexpected campaigns that resonate deeply with the intended audience. They should incorporate surreal storytelling with imaginative visuals into their campaigns to create an interactive experience. Furthermore, small entrepreneurs should leverage User-Generated Content and influencer collaboration to entice consumers to connect with their brand.

Marketers should also tap into Pop culture with a humorous and playful approach that taps into the audience’s nostalgia. Keep in mind that a robust marketing strategy must leverage social media platforms to foster a sense of connection amongst the younger audience.

To succeed in a competitive market, it’s essential to understand your target audience. Innovation requires taking calculated risks, which can lead to new ideas and opportunities. You can create a lasting impact by tapping into people’s emotions and memories through imaginative advertising. For small business owners looking to stand out, these interrelated components form the foundation for success.


In conclusion, small company owners can access a hitherto unrealized gold mine of potential by including surreal elements in their marketing campaigns. Surrealist ad campaigns rely on three pillars: knowing one’s audience, taking smart risks, and being open to new ideas. By embracing surreal approaches, small companies can achieve extraordinary brand awareness, consumer interaction, and viral potential. It is paramount to abandon the humdrum, embrace originality, and boldly go into the surreal marketing world, where boundless chances exist to leave an unforgettable impression on the vast pool of customers.

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Ian Haynes
Ian Haynes
Ian Haynes is a contributing writer for ASBN with expertise in the digital marketing and IT industries. He is the Co-Founder of the tech startup Digital Caterpillars, was formerly the Brand Manager at Evolved Athletics Sportswear, and was a District Field Specialist at Microsoft.

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