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How shifting your mindset can supercharge your success – Will Polston | Executive Coach

Research indicates that an optimistic outlook enhances one’s brain’s ability to learn and perform. Incorporating a positive perspective in all facets of life, such as work, relationships, internships, and more, is imperative, not just when starting a business. On the last episode of The Small Business Show, we discuss the significance of business growth strategies and the powerful influence of your mindset. Joining us is Will Polston, keynote speaker, author, executive coach, and host of the Make it Happen podcast with Will Polston

Polston grew up believing that money equals happiness and then went on a tangent to make as much money as possible. Then, ten years ago, he had a “lightning bulb” moment when he realized that his real drive had nothing to do with money but rather the suffering he witnessed his dad going through. From then, he vowed never to allow anyone to experience suffering like that and has since been obsessed with human awareness and human potential.  

Key Takeaways:

1. As a mentality strategist, Polston holds that 80% of success is determined by one’s mindset and 20% by skills and mechanics. Success, however, is subjective. Still, he notes that being clear about your goals and where you want to go is the first step toward adopting a positive mindset. 

2. Polston also asserts that one’s peak potential is determined by subtracting your potential from your interference (your belief systems and internal dialogue). 

3. The root cause of imposter syndrome among entrepreneurs is a hyperfocus on what one lacks rather than what one does have. Polston reflects, “They are hyper-focused on the gap rather than the gain.”

4. However, “Boast,” whose root meaning is “to inflate,” is one of the key terms when managing imposter syndrome. To avoid identifying as experiencing impostor syndrome, it is crucial to enter the Goldilocks zone of telling yourself what you’re good at, realizing it, and identifying it. Polston continues, “With social media, it’s easy to compare someone’s center stage to your behind the scenes.”

5. Polston advises entrepreneurs that when scaling your business, there are two factors to keep in mind:

  • Know what you truly desire, not just what you believe you can obtain, given the current level of understanding. 
  • Building on that, think about who you need instead of how to acquire them.

6. Oftentimes, entrepreneurs become engulfed in the “when then” cycle—”when I get this, then I can”—of their own making. Therefore, Polston advises entrepreneurs to set a North star goal—a goal so large that it’s impossible to attain. This is crucial because, according to Polston, entrepreneurs will experience ongoing fulfillment if they can detach from the intended result and place more emphasis on the process.

“I believe words create worlds, and your lowest lows are directly correlated to your lowest lows.” – Will Polston

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Jaelyn Campbell
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