How Aysha Treadwell is helping business owners achieve success

Passion may start your business, but strategy is how you can succeed! On the latest episode of The Small Business Show, Aysha Treadwell, small business strategist and author, joins us. Treadwell’s book “Passion and Strategy Go Hand in Hand: How to Avoid Common Mistakes and Build a Profitable Business You Love” takes readers through the startup process of building a business, helping them achieve success faster.

Treadwell is a pronounced “mompreneur” who was lucky enough to work at an adult daycare. Despite facing challenges while navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, she also achieved great success. As a result, she felt inspired to document her journey, sharing both her vulnerabilities and triumphs along the way.

Key Takeaways:

1. In her book, Treadwell emphasizes the importance of entrepreneurs revisiting their “why.” Understanding one’s purpose will help one remember why they started their business in the first place. Treadwell claims that when entrepreneurs first begin, they tend to wear a lot of hats, which leads to burnout and can cause them to forget their passion for the business. 

2. Another critical takeaway Treadwell notes is the importance of loving and empowering your staff. She acknowledges that this is something she has to learn quickly. “Your employees are the backbone of your business, and it’s crucial to value and support them,” she says.  

3. Overall, Treadwell’s book highlights the significance of working on the business rather than in it. Success comes from enjoying what you do, and entrepreneurs should always strive to empower themselves and their teams.

4. Entrepreneurs often tend to skip the research step, which can affect their success. Therefore, Treadwell plans to write a new book, “Owner Occupied,” in 2024 to help other business owners achieve success.

5. Moreover, Treadwell is looking forward to launching an online and in-person course to teach other business owners how to purchase their own commercial space for their business and achieve a seven-figure company. The statistics show that only 8.7% of businesses reach seven figures, so Treadwell aims to help business owners reach that point.

"Love the business you build, but create the life of your dreams." – Aysha Treadwell

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