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How effective is AI for retaining customers? — Joseph Michelli | The Michelli Experience

We’ve seen the early potential of artificial intelligence, but are we truly ready for it to replace human interaction and service? Joseph Michelli, Speaker, New York Times Best-Selling Author, and CEO of The Michelli Experience, says not so fast. On today’s The Small Business Show, Joseph joins us in the studio to explore why human service is still needed in an AI world.

According to Michelli, “AI is a great tool for customer service. It allows me to look at customers’ behaviors in large groups and target or identify ways to personalize care for them.” He also emphasizes the difference between personalized and personal. Outlining a personalized approach, it’s a tailored method for your customers. AI is a powerful tool for customized care and predicting analytics of past behaviors. Additionally, the tool is excellent at predicting customer behavior for the future. 

Furthermore, several customers have grown to like the Amazon-like service, which shows you items you may like based on previous purchases or searches. That AI is now utilizing. For example, from the customer standpoint, AI is the tool that can highlight when people talk about them online, illustrating what people are saying, whether positive or negative. 

However, Michelli asserts, “The problem is, like most technology, it has limits. I fear that most brands may replace people with AI. To me, working for a big technology company, getting people to work for them could be difficult, but it comes down to finding the strength of each tool.” For humans, we need to be available to customers’ journeys, and that is what humans can do that AI can’t.

When you think of the future, five years from now, AI may be able to be a valuable tool for accurate information. Still, a customer service person can utilize that information to connect with the customer emotionally. “By obtaining both AI and human connection, your customers can retain the answer to their questions, with valuable content, but it’s delivered from someone who cares if you get the response.” 

Michelli claims the future should contain both people and AI. There should be a standard for customers opting in or out of AI or human representatives. It should be up to them, not solely to brands. For example, grocery stores can deliver your items; customers can pick them up or check out by themself or with a human. “We need to build businesses who understand who their clients are and develop journeys relative to the segments we serve,” claims Michelli.

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Jaelyn Campbell
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