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Digital Ignition: Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan Celebrates Alpharetta’s Newest Co-Working Space

Recently, ASBN was on-location in Alpharetta, Georgia for the ribbon cutting ceremony of the metro area’s latest co-working space, Digital Ignition. Built for entrepreneurs and emerging tech businesses, Digital Ignition works to provide its members with a stimulating environment full of innovation, creativity, and flexibility. We caught up with a number of the event’s important figures including Lieutenant Governor, Geoff Duncan.

When introducing the facility, Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan says, “We are not cutting a ribbon on a facility, we are cutting a ribbon on a vision. Everybody who has ever been an entrepreneur, ever been in business, understands that you don’t build a business because you have got a nice building, you build a business because you have a vision, and you can sell that vision to people that are going to help you grow that vision and you sell that vision to customers and suppliers and that’s what this is all about here.” This is an excellent summation of the mission behind accelerators, incubators, and co-working spaces.

Digital Ignition

Lt. Governor Duncan also discusses the impact a project such as this one might have on Forsyth County, as well as the technological growth that this provides to the area. Additionally we talk with Benjamin Andrews, Statewide Program Manager at ATDC about how Digital Ignition allows them to be accessible to more people and more communities. By adding this statewide focus to their program it allows ATDC to provide their resources to more people around the state, giving them the opportunity to perform quarterly or so programs, such as a lunch and learn, and weekly office hours run by catalysts and entrepreneurs.

When talking with Joanne Sanders, President of EWISE Communications and General Manager of Digital Ignition, she tells us that Digital Ignition originally started off as a co-working environment, but has continuously been enhancing their co-working services. They have since added an incubator, partnered with companies such as ATDC and Global Tech, and added an accelerator program that helps to enable companies to utilize the technological talent that Digital Ignition has. Joanne explains that Digital Ignition has really expanded their resources and talents in order to become a comprehensive suite of resources and support for small businesses all across the area. 

To hear more from the Lieutenant Governor and more about the ribbon cutting of Digital Ignition check out the full interview above.

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