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3 steps for entrepreneurs to navigate the metaverse – Ian Khan | Futuracy

Imagine a business world where reality and the virtual seamlessly blend. Today, we’re exploring the metaverse for businesses. Joining us on the latest episode of The Small Business Show is Ian Khan, CEO of Futuracy, Tech Futurist, Author, and Keynote Speaker. Khan wrote the book “Metaverse for Dummies and contributed to many publications, including Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Khan had always valued simplicity as a child. It was instilled in him to create simplicity through any kind of complexity, such as technology. But Khan also had a thing for technology, where it was going, and how it shapes the world. Moreover, technology aids in increasing the efficiency of systems, products, and services. It facilitates the management of contacts and personnel records, data flow, and process tracking and optimization. In addition, it improves operational efficiency, lowers expenses, and permits companies to expand quickly. 

Key Takeaways:

1. Although the term “metaverse” was first coined by a novelist, it has grown in awareness as the world becomes increasingly virtualized.  Khan notes metaverse is like any other communication medium that aids in connecting others. 

2. When comparing the world two centuries ago to today, there has been a vast shift in how business owners communicate the values of their products and solutions to the outside. The metaverse changes how we define our environment in terms of engagement and communication, as well as how we hold meetings and communicate.

3. The metaverse represents the next evolutionary stage beyond Zoom conferences, where users can wear specialized technology and immerse themselves in a three-dimensional virtual environment. 

4. Khan believes the metaverse is the future of communication. Although it won’t be the only form, Khan claims that it “will be a subset of the future.” 

5. Additionally, there are three steps entrepreneurs should take to determine whether or not the metaverse is a suitable fit for their business: 

    • Step one: Find and ask if your customers are utilizing the metaverse. For example, ask if they are gaming, messaging, spending several hours online, or on social media. 
    • Step two: Find out what it will take to get your product in front of your target consumers.
    • Step three: Find the touch points that will retain your customers using the metaverse.
“My role is to simplify the complexity around technology for people so they can make sense of how it affects their lives." – Ian Khan

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Jaelyn Campbell
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