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Ashley Goodall Uncovers the 9 Lies About Work and How to Expose the True Strength of Your Team

In business, it’s understood that leadership provides a strong contribution to the culture and direction of a company, but are the beliefs that the American society has created about the everyday work life factual? Here to talk to us about the myths of work culture and his latest book, “Nine Lies About Work: A Freethinking Leader’s Guide to the Real World”  is Executive, Leadership Expert, and Author, Ashley Goodall.

Ashley GoodallInfluenced by an orchestra conductor leading their team, Goodall’s introductory question to his expert knowledge has always been “how do you make space for other people to do their thing?”. He found the solution to making this type of space possible is in cultivating strong leaders. As he dove deeper into his research, Goodall soon realized that many people within the society of modern-day business believe things that aren’t necessarily true but have been perceived as such for years. The reason for this can be for a number of reasons including cultural beliefs about work, inaccurate employee perspectives, etc. Some of the lies that he covers within his book consists of: People care which company they work for, the best people are well-rounded, work-life balance matters most, and many more. 

Even as it regards to feedback, Goodall addresses the question of companies providing feedback to their employees versus providing helpful attention, mentioning that the need for both is necessary. According to his research, however, most companies do not provide a strong balance between the two and as a result, it can affect a company’s staff in various ways ranging from positively strong to negatively poor. He further expounds on the fact that this need for feedback and helpful attention results from a fear of failure. 

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To learn more about Ashley Goodall and “Nine Lies About Work: A Freethinking Leader’s Guide to the Real World” watch the full interview above.

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